Why you need to walk your sales floor every day

Why you need to walk your sales floor every day. Monday, June 12, 2017 If you care about your retail outlet (and we know you care deeply), walking your sales floor every day is a priority.  Before you open the doors, you need to survey your domain, ensuring that what the customer sees is what […]

5 ideas to set your store window to sell

What do your store windows say about your retail outlet?  When people see them, what’s the overall impression they get?  You may believe you’re doing what’s required with your store windows.  You may think they’re fine as they are.  But as an entrepreneur, you know you can do better and that’s probably why you’re reading […]

5 Simple and Unique Ways to Utilize Snap Frames in Your Boutique

Snap Frame Sizes

Display marketing is a great way to spread your business’ image to all of your customers as well as passersby. The use of beautiful displays makes your boutique more pleasant to be in, and it reinforces your brand as your customers shop. Here are five clothing store display ideas to make your boutique’s decor richer, […]

10 tips to set your sales floor to sell

A well-designed store invites customers to come in and explore.  Layout and sales are intimately related, so this post offers 10 tips to set your sales floor to “sell” that have the potential to transform your sales outlook. 1. Integrated appearance. When customers come in, an integrated appearance isn’t something they should consciously be aware […]

Want to grow your garden department signage program?

Your garden department needs the professional touch of in-store marketing as much as any other department in your store.  Your customers need to be kept in touch with what’s new and what’s currently being promoted. Summer is rapidly approaching so it’s probable you want to grow your garden department signage program, inviting your customers to […]