Tips brick and mortar retailers can use to personalize the in-store experience

The difference between a good retail outlet and a great one is personalization.  Everyone wants to feel special, valued and important.  That’s also true of your customers.  When they come to your store, they need to know they matter. When asked if they’d pay more for a personalized in-store experience, almost 90% of consumers said […]

POP vs. POS: What’s the difference?

Point of purchase and point of sale.    They sound kind of like the same thing, don’t they?  But they’re not.  While they’re both fundamental components of the consumer journey, they’re different stops along the way. Regardless of the retail environment, you’re in, from women’s wear to kid’s toys, the consumer journey is the reality running […]

How to Use and Benefit From an iPad Kiosk in Your Business

How to Use and Benefit From an iPad Kiosk in Your Business

The use of iPad kiosks in businesses like retail, hospitality, restaurants and more continues to gain momentum in popularity. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to display helpful information, sell products and services or run a promotion. As a matter of fact, “among Fortune 500 companies, 98 percent use the iPad.” Here’s a list of how […]

Liquidating surplus inventory smart ways to get rid of excess stock.

When the stockroom is full to the rafters, all retailers see is tied up revenue.  That’s why it’s crucial to have strategies in place to liquidate surplus inventory.  It’s taking up space in your stockroom and it represents money you could be spending on other things. Let’s look at some tips for liquidating surplus inventory:  […]