Is retail dead? How to keep your store from closing

In a recent blog, we discussed top brick and mortar retail trends of 2017.  Those trends represent response in the sector to shifting consumer behavior that’s changing the face of retail.  Increasingly, retailers are challenged to present consumers with more in the way of experiential draw, making their effort to come and shop more worthwhile. […]

Top brick and mortar retail trends of 2017

With the rise of online shopping, brick and mortar retailers are challenged to respond to a shifting consumer landscape.  To date, many have opted for “omni-channel solutions” (combining physical plants with online sales outlets and enhanced access to encompass mobile device users).  This approach has had mixed results, but has been very successful for some […]

Effective summer 2017 sales displays for retail stores

Summer is upon us.  The long, languid days propel city people to distant seashores and cabins in the mountains.  Many head to woodland lakes to spend their vacations communing with nature.  For retailers, summer is a marketing challenge.  With all these people going on vacation, how to keep customers still in town interested? Effective summer […]

How to get shoppers to make unexpected purchases in your store

Conventional wisdom tells us that retailers are in the “supply and demand” business.  They exist to fulfill demand.  That’s true to a point, but many retailers translate the word “demand” as “need” and that’s not quite where their focus should be. The primary focus in any retail enterprise should be “desire.” People will always buy […]

The 4 design elements shoppers value in retail stores

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a store?  When you think about it, some of what you see is almost subconscious.  You’re aware of it, but it’s not at the front of your mind.  Perhaps you can’t name it, but you know you either like it, or you don’t. Design elements are […]