Music In The Gardens


Can’t wait 19th of July to take the Long Beach Peninsula Garden Tours. “Music in the Gardens” is a one-day annual event realized by the participation of different gardens each year. It took place first in 2006. Patty Jacobson, a local gardener, pulled together a group of gardeners. They open their breathtaking gardens for visitors. […]

About “One Hundred Years of Solitude” BY Gabriel García Márquez

Slide in WindPro

In my first year at  college, I was trying to make friends. So, I was taking every opportunity to meet new people. In front of the literature club, I saw one of those portable outdoor signs which said, they were reading and discussing “One Hundred Years of Solitude” that month with the book discussion group. You know […]

And The Winner Is ….. Mandy’s Carrot Cake


Everywhere we go my son collects every piece of literature he finds; leaflets, brochures, questionnaires, business cards. When we were at the shopping mall, last week, he ran directly to the area where the pamphlet holders are and collected some leaflets as usual. When we sat to eat something I scanned the literature he had brought. At […]

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