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Cross Single Banner 23 35 x 78 34 Poster Size Silver Anodized Aliminum, Adjustable banner height
Cross Single Banner 31 12 x 78 34 Poster Size Silver Anodized Aliminum, Adjustable banner height


Banner stands are proven cost effective ways when it comes to showcasing your print ads. One variation from the generic banner stand is a cross banner display.

A cross banner is a simple and lightweight frame that can hold different sizes of banners. Don't let its simple frame fool you. Even if the cross banner is designed lightweight, it is sturdy and stable making it ideal for transport and display in exhibitions or trade shows. Cross banners can withstand light to moderate traffic. For areas where foot traffic is heavy, we recommend that you place the cross banners in a more strategic location - noticeable while not getting in the way of the crowd.

Cross banners are great fixtures in retail shops, restaurants or cafes, museums, schools, agencies and other business establishments who are proactive when it comes to print displays.

Cross banners are cost effective because they are reusable. Each part is designed and manufactured based on quality. When maintained properly, cross banners can last years allowing you to just swap hundreds of prints with reusing only one stand.

How To Install Your Cross Banner Stand

Installation is easy.

The cross banner display stand does not need any tools to assemble. All hardwares needed and an instruction guide are included in the package.

There are 2 banner holders to grip both ends of the banner, a cross aluminum base for stability, and a aluminum rod to hold the banner up.

The cross banner stand is a portable display fixture. Assembly only takes a few minutes. The banner profile width is dependent on the measurement of both the banner holders, while the length can vary depending how long the rod can support the backside. Please check our online catalogue for more specifications when it comes to profile sizes.

Once package is received, a cross banner can already be utilized with these quick steps.

First, make sure to open the end cap of both banner snaps. It easily opens on one of the side and you can just slide in your print then snap back the caps to secure the banner.

Once that is done, secure the back support which is a sturdy aluminum rod that will give the cross banner its balance so the free frame can stand up.

Once the banner is fixed, the bottom end of the road goes into the the center of the crossed base. These are secured with screws.

Bespoke Cross Banner Stands

No business is similar. And this is why we understand a business' requirements for customized options with our cross banner stands. Some businesses take thier makreting efforts seriously so we supplement this need and make sure that the qaulity oyu put in marketing projects si the same qualitythat we put in your required marketing tools like a cross banner stand.

The frames come in black or aluminum finish. However, powder coating for different colors is also available for your cross banners.

Profile sizes can vary too. Contact our hotline at 1-855-492-2000 to inquire about your specifications.

Of course, the prints do not come with the package as you have to provide it. Make sure that your prints come with catchy graphics and texts, and that printing quality is superb. A good design is key to effective marketing. Leave the presentation hardware to us.

Our team can also provide recommendations on other disolay items that maybe suitable to your marketing needs. Please feel free to contact us and one of our friendly operators will receive your call to help you get more customers.

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