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Graphic displays and print ads are effective marketing tools to attract target consumers. When placed in areas of prominence, a print ad can result to brand awareness, informed customers and consequently, sales increase.

When presenting your brochures or posters, you need to be smart in selecting brochure frames or holders. Many brochure holders are offered in the market today; however, not all brochure holders offer the high quality all our items come with.

There is nothing more frustrating than a poster frame that easily chips and cracks. No matter how great your prints are if the frame is easily damaged, the poster will look like an understatement. All brochure holders and leaflet displays are sturdy and durable. Each is made of top grade clear acrylic that is scratch-proof and doesn’t crack on normal foot traffic impact. Great prints require great frames.

Brochure Holders, Leaflet Displays, Poster Frames And Many More

All brochure holders, displays and frames come in a variety of sizes for different functions.

Smaller frames are great for personal or office use. Clear frames are perfect when displaying photos or brand images. Our clear acrylic frames sit neatly on desks and counters. It houses and protects print which makes it reliable for long-term displays.

Brochure holders come in standard sizes. They look practical on many types of businesses including restaurants, spas, hotels, cafes, kiosks or any establishment where ad displays are practical. These leaflet displays are one inexpensive way of marketing your brand to incoming traffic. As another way to generate interest, leaflet displays can be placed in other establishments you are affiliated with, without creating distraction from their own brand.

Brochure holders and leaflet displays come in two options: table top or wall mounted displays. Check out the details for each item to know which one is suitable for your display needs.

One effective way to present a poster meant for public is with our clear display frames. These can be mounted on walls and can withstand the normal wear-and-tear caused by constant flow of foot traffic. These look great mounted on walls of malls, supermarkets, theatres, cinemas, music halls, schools and many more commercial areas where print ads are major marketing drivers. Standoff hardware and instructions for mounting are included in each package.

Swing Wing Sign Holders and Other Designs

Our Swing Wing series is an ideal leaflet display for restaurants, cafes or any dining-related space. Leaflets or any similar sized prints can easily be slipped in between its acrylic pocket. Its base is made from aluminum with a silver finish. Many businesses opt to print their logos on the base to match the theme of the graphics inserted.

This is a great way to ‘sell’ deals or promotions, or showcase add-ons to encourage customers to order more. Amazing food graphics and eye-catching texts can be displayed prominently to entice customers.

If you can’t find the exact brochure holders or leaflet displays you need, we can customize the holders according to your required specifications.

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We have been in the business for more than 20 years now. We have provided an online catalog to make shopping more convenient for our clients. All you have to do is create your account. Registering needs only a few clicks and entering only relevant information.

Once registered, browse our catalog to match your brochure, leaflets and poster sizes. Table top and wall mounted designs are available.

If you have specifications you can’t find online, please call us at 1-855-492-2000. Or, you can also email info@displaysmarket.com. We have thousands of display products that will surely match your marketing needs.

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