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Floor Signs


Floor signs are inexpensive display tools to advertise your prints or posters.

Place floor signs in a well trafficked area in the mall, and they become directional signs. Once potential customers are interested with the information on print, floor signs already tell customers where to go for the physical shop. It is similar to having multiple presences when strategically placed in malls.

Restaurants or coffee shops can insert their menu and present them to hungry diners even outside of the establishment. The snap frames of the floor signs allow you to replace the prints as often as you need – whether presenting a lunch promotion or a dinner special.

There are more practical uses of floor signs. Its budget-friendly price and durability make it a good investment for your marketing efforts.

Floor signs are made of aluminum stand with heavy base for stability. Industry-standard profiles are available. Floor signs frames are made of durable backing and a clear acrylic cover. Borders can be anodized aluminum, powder-coated in color or can be customized to wood finish.

Depending on the purpose and location of your display strategy, floor signs come in variations with unique features to satisfy your requirements.

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How Do You Select The Best Floor Sign

There are many variations of a floor sign. Each with distinct features depending on what type of prints you want to present, where you want it located and how you want the crowd to interact with it.

Decorative Floor Sign Holder

Decorative floor sign holder is perfect for those who need something elegant and practical. This floor sign has a heavy base to assure sturdiness. Its aluminum stand provides the best support for the snap frame installed. The decorative floor sign can match any store’s theme or ambiance.

Each decorative floor sign holder comes unassembled when shipped. All hardwares are included for easy assembly. Instruction sheets are included in the package of floor sign holders as step-by-step guide to installation.

The decorative floor sign holder also assembles with a snap frame for easy print replacements. The frames snap open for easy removal and snap close to secure the print ads.

The distinct feature of the decorative floor sign holder is its slight angle to appeal more to customers attention.

Flexible Floor Sign Holder

Almost similar to the decorative floor sign holder, the flexible floor sign holder gives you more options when it comes to highlighting your brand.

The aluminum stand of every flexible floor sign holder can be adjusted to preferred height. And not only this – the frame can also be adjusted at varying angles with the inclusion of adjustable standing points at the back of the frame.

This flexible floor sign holder has a heavy base and durable aluminum stand that makes this floor sign last a long time.

Curved Floor Sign Holder

If your business is concerned of style and sophistication, this curved floor sign holder may be just right for your targeted customers.

The curved floor sign holder works the same as other floor signs except that its curved aluminum stand gives an appearance of style and elegance.

The heavy base of the curved floor sign holder makes it ideal to be placed in frequented areas such as the malls, hotels, galleries, etc.

Curved floor sign frames can be presented in either portrait or landscape orientation. The frames and covers ensure that your print ads are protected and eye-catching.

Curved Floor Sign Holder With Acryled

Perfect for night setting or in dim places so that your prints can stand out.

Curved floor sign holder with acryled combines function and practicality. The LED and acrylic technology highlights your prints without worrying about high consumption of energy. Units pass UL/CE PAT quality tests to ensure that each acryled floor sign saves you significant percentage of your energy costs.

Curved floor sign holder with acryled has 2 clips and 2 short sides to secure your graphics with.

The package for each acryled floor sign holder includes quality certificates, The plug is also designed to be concealed.

Paper Board Floor Sign

For businesses who are proactive with marketing displays, this paper board floor sign can be an efficient sign holder for your numerous prints.

The paper board frame allows you to post up to 4 standard-sized prints at once. The prints are secured with clips so that they are organized, and then a clear cover and snap frames protect the prints from dust and tampering.

The paper board floor sign anti-glare feature makes it ideal for placing outdoors and looks amazing in restaurant or café fronts.

Universal Showboard Floor Sign

This message board floor sign is a great alternative if your establishments traffic is distant from any wall. As traditional message boards are restricted in wall mounting, a showboard floor sign is a great way to post your announcements, updates, special offers, employee recognition, etc as prints or as handwriting.

The universal showboard floor sign can be displayed in either landscape or portrait orientation. The floor sign’s board can be a cork board where you can pin or stick your prints or writable boards that come in either black or white.

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