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More and more businesses are adapting to the hybrid of marketing - when traditional marketing approaches marry digital convenience.

We have started seeing iPads, smart tablets and other mobile devices being integrated with hotels, restaurants, clubs and other businesses who use this technology to complete an elevated customer experience.

A tablet stand is the perfect holder for these devices. It presents the device in a customer-oriented way. At the same time, it protects the gadgets from heavy-use damage and theft.

A practical solution for digital displays, a tablet stand is a perfect fixture. Some establishments even start monetizing tablet stands by utilizing them as display ads where digital brandings bid placements in areas where there’s a good stream of traffic.

Not only in commercial areas, a tablet stand can also be for home use. Tablet desk stands are available for offices, home desks and study tables. Its adjustment for rotation makes it ideal for portrait and landscape modes when reading, drawing or just plain referencing for recipes on the kitchen counter.

A tablet stand is worth more than a thousand displays

The advantage of a tablet stand compared to idle displays is the call for engagement that it communicates. There are thousands of customizable applications that can be developed for businesses that lets your customers browse for special deals, or makes billing and payment easier, or simply entertains a waiting customer.

Of course, the quality of the tablet stand is also important as any fixture speaks volumes about the brand. Each tablet stand in our online catalog is manufactured using only high quality materials. They are designed in house based with sophisticated aesthetics in mind.

FLOOR TABLET STAND - Each floor tablet stand is manufactured in anodized aluminum with matte black finish. Its pole is curved giving it a sleek design that is perfect for any setting’s theme. The device is protected by an acrylic top with the ideal dimensions for standard sized tablets.

There are also anodized aluminum variations of the post which can be adjustable. All tablet stands are made to be durable and long lasting.

COUNTER TABLET STAND - Made from the same materials as a floor tablet stand, counter tablet stand is perfect for desk use or other counters. Place your devices in this well-designed counter tablet stand and you have an instant digital kiosk that will supplement all your other marketing efforts.

Elevate Your Brand With A Digital Kiosk

Digital kiosks promote consumer interactivity. This advantage presents opportunities to brand to connect with potential buyers in ways that are not possible with just printed ads.

The tablet stand is a marketing tool that is effective, inexpensive and caters to consumers’ demand.

Its design converts any mobile device to businesses’ marketing needs. Letting your customers freely use these devices while protecting it from theft and other damages.

Order A Floor Tablet Stand or A Desk Tablet Stand Today

Each stand will make sure that you present your tablets in great looking displays. This entices traffic to stop and check store devices out of curiosity in a medium almost everybody’s already familiar with.

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