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Tablet Stands & Kiosks

Smart Solutions for Technological Devices!
It is a genuine design for
today’s technological display solutions.
The IPad holder can be rotated to display
landscape portrait positions and adjusted
to at a required reading angle.
The height of the kiosk can be
adjusted to max 48 1/16 inch (1220 mm).
When landscape and max 49 1/16 inch (1245 mm)
when portrait.

iPad Kiosk

iPad kiosk is a smart blend of simplicity, elegance, function and aesthetics.

iPad Kiosk is a compact solution of satin aluminum profile and solid steel base. Its rugged indoor design allows it to be placed in most public indoor access areas. This multipurpose products is perfect for events, conferences as a lectern or where information accessibility is needed.
iPad Stand - Extendable Kiosk


The iPad is a revolutionary device that has jumpstarted the use of mobile devices both for consumer and business sectors. Technology provided iPad applications that can be powerful tools for education, gaming, business, personal and health developments and so much more.

With the growing demand of iPads and the ever expanding lines of mobile applications, marketing strategies have utilized the advantages of this media. An iPad holder is a great solution to present this gadget to your customers.

The implementation of iPad provides a comprehensive tool that can be directed to enforcing your brand’s identity or to increase sales. By applying traditional strategies of marketing and presenting it in digital form, it opens new opportunities to engage the fleeting attention of your guests.

The iPad holder is designed especially for the customer to interact. The appeal of the device is even made more attractive with sleek iPad holder stands and mounts. Although our iPad holder is created with business establishments in mind, some iPad holders are also ideal for personal use.

Basic features of iPad holder floor stands include sturdy bases, a clear acrylic cover, allen keys for securing the unit, buttons access, rotating cradle and plug access.

iPad Holder Floor Stands

Our iPad floor stands are manufactured with durable materials. Aluminum stand and steel base look sleek, while the matte black finish gives a sophisticated appeal.

All stands come with an iPad holder. Black frames match the stand while clear acrylic protects the device’s front face. The plug runs along the hollow of the stand to effectively conceal the cable.

The iPad holder encases the iPad with tamper-proof screws to prevent theft.

This stand can be utilized as a digital kiosk that looks amazing in retail shops, hotels, restaurants, lounges, waiting areas, clubs and other establishments where crowd is a usual sight.

Aside from providing an experience to interact with your brand, there are even more ways to take advantage of the tablet’s capability. It can be utilized as ads display in hotels further monetizing this floor stand. Restaurants use it in their waiting areas to provide entertainment as part of their customer service. Only your imagination is your limit on ways you can provide an engaging customer experience to increase your sales.

iPad Holder Counter Stands

Aside from floor stands, we also offer iPad holder counter or desk stands with the same great materials used in all our products.

Normally for commercial use, our clients find that desk stands are also perfect for their homes. The rotating cradle allows users to view the iPad on landscape or portrait mode which is perfect for reading.

Wall mounted option is also available. The frames are consistent with the materials of the iPad floor and desk stands. Some prefer holders that do not have the cover. Just specify this in your order, and we will definitely make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Other Tablets or Mobile Devices

With the same level of applications when it comes to marketing techniques, other tablets or mobile devices are also implemented. However, the specifications for other devices differ from the standard size of the iPad.

Please contact our hotline so that we can assist you with the dimension you need for your tablet holder requirement. We can customize for other brands such as Samsung, Nokia, etc.

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