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Lights and neon signages are great displays in the dark. Lights translate invisible print ads to attention grabbing displays, especially when it’s dark. Just imagine how boring the Las Vegas strip becomes without neon displays.

Neon signages are easy to acquire. It has the classic appeal and appears warmer. Unfortunately, these neon signs are costly (gas refilling can be expensive), permanent and dangerous (risk of glass breakage and gas leak).

LED signs are the best alternative to neon signs. Aside from its energy-saving benefit, LED lights look brighter. When integrated into sign holders and frames, print ads are converted to eye-catching displays. Your signs that are normally ignored during the night convert to attractive lighted signs.

Displays Market offers LED signs in different formats:

• Acryled frames – best for wall mounting for smaller industry sized profile sizes. • Smart LED Boxes – easy-to-open lighted boxes, best for those who replace ads regularly. • Weatherproof LED Signs – lighted boxes for outdoor placement. • Convex LED Boxes – curved exterior cover that gives elegance to print displays. • Convex Light Boxes – lower cost alternative to Convex LED boxes. • Smart LED Letters – Letters are sold separately and can be linked to each other.

All LED signs are long-lasting. The acrylic covers are treated so that it acts as a highlight even with lower wattage.

We offer the slimmest frames available. With low depth, the LED signs are ideal even in narrow hallways as it won’t block foot traffic. Posters, print ads and text displays will get the attention your brand deserves.

We Put The ‘Smart’ In Our LED Signs

We understand that many businesses include print ads to their continuous marketing efforts. This is why reusability is a feature we embed in many of our display products like the LED frames and boxes.

A snap frame or magnetic cover is a unique element of our Smart series. To change your poster or graphic ad, simply pop the cover open, place your prints, then re-secure with the clear acrylic cover.

These come in silver or black finish and made out of aluminum which known for its durability.

When implementing this, Duratrans printing is ideal. Normal posters can also work but will not be highlighted as well as transluscent print materials.

All Smart LED Signs have low depth. They are the slimmest types in marketing displays available.

If you need an LED sign that does not match anything in our stock, please contact us with your specifications.

Choose The Best LED Sign To Pitch Your Brand

We have hundreds of LED signs that come in unique combination of features. Plus thousands more display products in our online catalog. Browse and just click when ordering, shopping at Displays Market is done hassle-free.

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