Cork, Bulletin, & Dry Wipe Boards for Office Messaging

Message Boards

Write-on Boards

Write-on board has both silver and black color models, allowing white dry-wipe surface suitable for board-markers and water-base chalk pens.

It's a light, affordable board suiting the needs of offices, schools, presentation rooms&various commercial environments. Both colors are available in 4 different sizes.

Aluminium Write-on and board is stylish and durable.

Cork Bulletin Boards

Perfect for everyday use in public areas! Cork Bulletin board is a light, user friendly, durable board with aluminium frame structure.

Ideal to use in canteens, markets, restaurants, office rooms and various indoor environment. Shelf-recovering cork backing last and used for a long time.

Enclosed Bulletin Boards

Enclosed Cork Bulletin Boards Office Board is suitable for indoor use. Enclosed Bulletin Board case depth is 1 7/16 inch (35 mm). Each Enclosed Bulletin Board includes a free set of pins. Double Key Lock and includes 1 key set. 4 x (8.5 x 11) Letter and A4 size capacity.

Bulletin Board can be used both in portrait & landscape positions. The cover can be opened to 90 degrees. Each unit includes mounting screw and plugs for easy wall mounting. Please discard the protective film on the unit and throw away the silica gel on the cork before use.

Premium Grade Enclosed Bulletin Boards

The Premium Cork Notice Board profile width is 2 13/16 inch (70 mm).

The depth of the Enclosed Bulletin Board case is 2 inch (50 mm). 9 x (8.5 x 11) Letter and A4 size paper area capacity.

Suitable for Outdoor use; Weatherproof.

The Premium Enclosed Bulletin Board can be used both in portrait and landscape positions. Each unit includes a free set of pins.

Each Premium Enclosed Bulletin Board includes 2 mounting arms, 1 key set of single variation & fixing set.

Each unit is supplied with a free set of pins. 2 handles at each end help to keep the cover door open.

Please throw away the silica gel on the cork once the unit is opened. Please do not drill the product while mounting, only use the mounting arms.

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