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All business owners want their business to represent professionalism and character.

Aside from display fixtures, we also offer office products that provide the looks and utility at the same time. Like our display tools, all office products are designed and manufactured in-house. From the drawing table to the materials that go into each product, office products are carefully fabricated to ensure that you purchase only quality products from Displays Market.

Some office products that you can see on our online catalogue are business card holders, clip boards and fast notes.

Fast notes are ideal for restaurants or cafes when placing order slips in the kitchen. Business card holders come in standard sizes but other profile sizes can be customized so it also holds your brochures or other small-sized literatures. Clipboards are mostly always present where documentation and procedure updates are expected such as manufacturing or offices related to providing services.

However, if you need other office products that are not present on our online shop, please give us a call so that we can assist you. Our friendly operators are on standby to receive your queries and orders. We take pride in providing our customers prompt delivery of products that will help your business efficiency and profits.

Office Products On Sale

There are thousands of display products on our online catalogue. Office product as a category is a must as there are many businesses who require office products as practical tools that help them organize their business from within.

An office product generally caters to internal traffic of a business. These can be found on reception area, counters, desks and other well-trafficked areas where employees can inform themselves of announcements, updates and other business-related notes.

Below are a few office products that you can browse on our online catalogue:


For hanging posters, prints, photos and notes, this office product is an essential in agencies, hotels, restaurants, café, hospitals, or any office where organizing notes are important.

Its finish is anodized silver which is a common tone in each office product. However, if you need it customized, any office product can be powder-coated with color or wood finished.

Sizes vary too. Fast notes can be mounted on walls by screws or double sided tape. The mounting parts are included in each package of any office product.

Fast notes use no magnets or pins. The edge of print is gripped within the frame, strong enough so that posts do not drop.

Their structure is minimal so that they don’t get out of the way or get snagged with clothing even when mounted on a wall in a busy area.

Reusable, easy to use and inexpensive, this office product is the best way to organize papers in your office.


Clip boards are mounted on walls. This office product is heavy duty and ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.

The single bar comes in an aluminum finish with a durable clip to secure your prints in place. The clip snaps open easily but holds the print so that it doesn’t drop.

The bar and clip are stainless with easy wipe feature. It is safe to be mounted on walls even in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. The rounded corners prevent any accidental scratches of passers-by or snagging of clothing.


This office product organizes and presents your business cards in a professional, organized and elegant way.

The business card holder is made of strong and clear acrylic making it a durable desk display tool. Colors can be customized should you require it.

An office product that is inexpensive but can last many years of use.

Order Office Products You Need For Your Business Today

Office products are listed in our online shop. Displays Market provided you with an online catalogue so that shopping for office products or display items is now convenient and can be done 24/7.

Aside from online access to our products, you can also call our hotline at 1-855-492-2000 or email us at for your orders and queries.

Specifications are noted in each item. Even discounted office products are noted and updated regularly so please visit our website for newly discounted items or fresh designs.

When it comes to customization, Displays Market can cater to modification requests. Please let us know exactly what we need and one of our representatives will assist you promptly.

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