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Profile Types

Profile Types - 0.55 Inc 14mm Profile Types - 1 Inc 25mm Opti Frame is a new snap frame display product that brings a new dimension to retail display snap frames.

This innovative and patented snap frame product is manufactured exclusively by M&T Displays. Our R&D team has focused their extensive knowledge on transforming production processes to create a completely new type of front loading snap frame.

Opti Frame can be used for signage needs of many locations;
  • shops and stores,
  • shopping centers,
  • markets and groceries,
  • hotels,
  • hospitals,
  • offices,
  • schools,
  • airports,
  • apartments,
  • and many more...
Multi Functional Use Opti Frame

Opti Frames Pull out the transparent lens cover. Place your graphics; photo, picture, print, sign inside the this versatile snap frame sign and simply snap down the sides shut.

Frame Color

Frame Color Black
Frame Color Silver
Frame Color Wood Effect
Wood Effect


Similar to a snap frame an opti frame showcases an improved design that is a result of years of research and development when it comes to display requirements. Manufactured by M&T Displays, opti frames come with a patented design that is recognized worldwide.

Displays Market carries a wide range of opti frames to match the display you need for your business.

Perfect for retail shops to attract customers’ attention to items on ‘sale’ or ‘new arrivals’, or simply to announce a new promotion or a reminder at the cashier’s counter.

Offices and other commercial settings benefit from opti frames too when it comes to managing premise information – either direction signages or friendly reminders.

Opti frames are also helpful fixtures in clinics, other service providers or food establishments. Displaying product-related ads help promote increase of sales and brand awareness. When considering the price per opti frame, the benefits obviously outweigh the investment. This is why opti frames are often in demand when it comes to selecting the best type of snap frame for your business.

And it isn’t limited to commercial purposes too. An opti frame is also ideal for photos or other hardcopies of images for personal use. As an opti frame can be a versatile display, it will look good on any counter or wall finish.

It will help to understand the specifications to help you choose the best opti frame for your homes or business premises.

Check out the following guide to see how mixing and matching specifications allow you to order the best opti frame for your displays.

How To Choose The Best Opti Frame

As simple as an opti frame function is, it can be a challenge to choose the ideal one in terms of usage, theme and reusability. This is especially true when the specifications per opti frame can be numerous. We recommend below considerations before deciding on an order.

Profile size

Opti frames come in standard paper sizes. Print sizes of A4, A5 and A6 are typical. If you need a display that is smaller than poster-size graphics, an opti frame is an ideal display tool - best for photos, instructions and small signages.

Frame Color

Opti frames are available in a variety of colors. Mostly powder coated, colors are available to complement your existing theme. Black or silver anodized opti frames are great for neutral tones. For a classic touch, check out the wood finishes line of opti frames.

Frame Corners

You can choose between mitred or rounded corners. For extra safety, rounded corners are better options when you plan to display the opti frame where crowd traffic can accidentally snag your display out of place.

Mounting Options

Opti frames look amazing on office desks or reception areas. Each opti frame comes with a removable and adjustable back support. If you are looking into posting information, brand advertisements or direction signages, an opti frame comes with holes for wall or door mounting, or a hanger placer for temporary placement.


Clear plastic cover protects your prints from dust, fingerprints and other damaging elements. This is useful when the opti frame functions as an exterior display. The opti frame cover is anti-glare for easy viewing even when situated around bright lights. The cover is removable and you may opt not to place it for displays printed on specialty paper which looks good as is.

How To Use And Maintain Your Opti Frame

The reliability of an opti frame for repeated use is what makes it a cost-effective display solution for businesses who actively utilizes print ads.

An opti frame is designed with durability and simplicity as priorities. If properly utilized and taken care of, opti frames can last for many years. Surely a great investment when your business benefits on ad displays.

Opti frames come with snap edges on its four sides. Prints are simply loaded on the front side after snapping open the borders. An opti frame has a removable clear cover that protects your displays; however, you may also opt not to place the clear cover.

Once you are happy with how your print is placed, snap the borders to secure the print in place.

The opti frame back support functions as a desk stand that can be adjusted in portrait or landscape profile. If you prefer to mount it on doors or walls, the opti frame has holes to secure it with screws. A temporary wall mounting is possible as each opti frame package include hangers.

The opti frame surface and clear cover can be wiped clean with damp cloth. The snap function is also durable and proven to withstand many years of normal use.

For long-term display requirements, you can never go wrong in considering opti frames to supplement your marketing efforts.

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The products are neatly categorized for easy viewing and each item showcased comes with detailed descriptions to make your online shopping a user-friendly experience. The opti frames category offers a wide selection.

Once you are happy with your opti frame, all it takes is a click to add the item to your shopping cart. Avail of great discounts on opti frames as seen updated on the catalogue.

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