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For business owners, especially those who have physical stores, print displays are more than a marketing strategy. It is considered as the most effective tool to familiarize your customers with your brand, announce promotions and special deals, or simply supplement your present look and feel of your retail shops, clinics, cafes or agencies.

Sure frames are durable and often ideal for low-budget print marketing. A variation of frames is a poster hanger. Instead of 4 borders, poster hangers only require a top and bottom profile. This allows you to use the poster hanger for any length of prints as long as it is within the poster hanger’s width measurement.

The poster hanger structure includes a bottom rail and a top rail which provide a clamp system and holds the print in place. These rails grip the ends of the prints to make sure its secured. The top rail also includes hangers so that you can position the clamped print on suction cups placed on glass doors and windows. You can also hang the prints with a durable transparent strings or cables and place from the ceiling at a preferred spot.

Poster hangers are one of the most budget-friendly display solution. Poster hangers maximize the use of space and looks discrete so that it highlights the poster and not the frames.

Find Suitable Poster Hangers Depending On Your Type Of Prints

There are a number of poster hangers and each with different clamp systems and function. When choosing a poster hanger, you should consider the size of your print, the durability of the rail material, its placement strategy in your store and the clamp system that can work well for your prints.

Displays Market currently offers 4 types of posters hangers:

Poster Snaps

A simple poster hanger with rails that adapt a similar structure of snap frames. Both top and bottom rails snap open and close. It is one of the poster hanger types that makes it easy for anyone to replace the print ads. All poster hangers are manufactured using aluminum rails.

Banner Hangers

These poster hangers utilize rails in which you can simply slide the print so that it is clamped in place. A plastic or rubber cap encloses both ends of each of the rails so the print is secured. Easy to use, easy to implement. The poster hanger’s top profile has hangers for its installation.

Poster Fast

Another variation of a poster hanger is the poster fast. This is ideal for heavy duty use. Durable and sturdy, this poster hanger is perfect for silk screen prints. To assemble, secure the ends of your prints or banners with the aluminum rails and hang from any wall or ceilings.

Stretch Frames

A unique variation of poster hangers. Instead of end-to-end profiles, a stretch frame is a square frame with 4 corner clips that suspend the print to display. The clips secure the 4 corners of the print. This comes in industry-standard sizes of small and lightweight prints.

Each poster hanger comes with aluminum frames and rails for durability. If you don’t find any width measurements you prefer, Displays Market can customize the measurement for you.

Your Quick Guide in Choosing Poster Hangers Specifications

With a simple display tool such as a poster hanger, you have less specifications to consider.

The poster hanger package will include profile rails in aluminum finish. Stretch frames poster hangers include the 4 clips where you will attach the print. These are made of aluminum or durable plastic.

The profile sizes can vary in width. Even though you can display any length of print for poster hangers, we recommend to keep it in standard sizes as heavy prints are only ideal for poster fast type of poster hangers.

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