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Signages will never go out of style no matter how digital advertisements become. In reality, online advertising is complements traditional approaches. However, there are still creative techniques implemented in today’s print advertisement that are still worth the attention they earn.

One such product is called a wall banner.

Wall banners functions like a frame. Insert a great graphic, enclose it with good frames and display it in public spaces that are well frequented by foot traffic. Although, you cannot measure the leads signages bring in, the more important thing is the impression that the brands create with the regularity of posting a print where a regular crowd frequents – e.g. commuters rushing to the train station.

What a wall banner does that some display frames do not is create a wall-like structure. When placed together, wall banners can look seamless when displaying series of advertisements. Or else, if the posters are separate brands, it grabs the focus of pedestrians who walks by it and notices the ad that stands among the others.

Business owners are always in demand of effective display tools. Wall banners are appreciated when brands look for ways that are both creative and still remain affordable.

You can place wall banners along bus or train stations, pavements, malls, or any open space where you need a barrier or crowd control system. In doing so, you manage foot traffic while also utilizing the dividers as part of marketing strategies.

Reusability is a great advantage when it comes to wall banners. The frames and the base are made of durable materials which last a long time. Placing ads is never a challenge as the frames are designed to be user-friendly.

Wall Banners and Its Features

Wall banners come in a variety of features that can be mixed and matched.

The standard wall banner design is a base made of anodized aluminum with rubber underneath for better floor grip. It comes in black, silver, gray finish. The frames are also made with aluminum.

It can come either in single or double sided versions. Standard profiles sizes are used. The posters are housed within a groove in the middle of the base and secured by the side frames.

If you prefer you wall banner to be waterproof, this variation would have a rubber gasket along the inner structure of the frames to prevent moisture, dust and water from seeping into the print and ruin the advertisement.

The edges of the frame are subtle. When the wall banner is placed next to another wall banner and create a barrier, the posters would still appear seamless especially from a fair distance.

The wall banner can also have variations in color, sizes and base thickness. There are also wall banners that can come with a non-glare acrylic cover for extra protection of your prints.

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