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The acrylic photo frames on our online catalogue are one of Displays Market bestsellers due to its durability and its friendly price.

When it comes to displaying prints ads, whether for personal or commercial use, acrylic frames are more preferred than frames made of other materials such as glass or other subpar clear plastics. Acrylic photo frames provide a long lasting protection for your posters, photos and other printed materials.

There are many benefits of utilizing acrylic photo frames. One major advantage is its weight. An acrylic photo frame weighs far less than normal glass frames. But this does not mean that an acrylic photo frame is fragile. Acrylic frames do not shatter easily. You can depend on plexi glass material for long term heavy use.

Another good thing is the visual quality. As acrylic photo frames can be supplied with matte finish, non-glare features are possible. This means that acrylic photo frames do not reflect much light like normal glass covers do. And what light does to the prints is something normally neglected until you realize it already happened.

Acrylic photo frames are also good choice when it comes to protecting your prints. The surface of an acrylic photo frame can filter UV rays which can damage prints or other artworks. The light affects the color and the quality of the ink while heat from sunlight can make the print material brittle.

Aside from UV protection, acrylic photo frames is known as better covers to showcase your photographs or posters. Unlike glasses which can alter colors due to its natural greenish tint, acrylic photo frames let you retain the true colors of the print. Viewed from any angle, prints placed inside acrylic frames look the same when they are taken out of the frames. This is ideal for photography exhibits or museums when it comes to covering the arts. The true tone of the graphic is always consistent with or without the acrylic photo frame.

Tons of Uses With An Acrylic Photo Frame

You can use an acrylic photo frame whenever you need prints to be displayed. It is a display tool that has a number of applications for home of business use.

The acrylic photo frame can be placed to showcase personal photographs at homes and offices. For those prints that inspire you to do your best daily, the acrylic photo frame is a great holder that can be placed on your home office desks, living rooms, family rooms, kitchen counters, bedroom counters and other frequented areas of the house.

The acrylic photo frame also looks great in offices. Many of our clients who purchase bulk orders utilize the acrylic photo frame then place them in reception areas, office desks, office lounge or pantry. It can be a print that is informative, inspiring or it can be a note of a friendly reminder. With an acrylic photo frame will make sure that the crowd will notice your signs.

They can come in various industry standard sizes, and so it will not be difficult to find the best fit with your different prints to implement. A great acrylic photo frame covers your prints enough but not too large where the margins are already excessive.

How To Order Your Acrylic Frames

All acrylic frames can be browsed on our online catalogue. Specifications are shown so that you can choose the best acrylic frames matching your requirements.

The profile sizes follow industry standards. Should you need acrylic frames that are larger than the ones shown on our online shop, all you have to do is contact our hotline at 1-855492-2000 so we can help you with your orders. Or, you may also opt to email us at We promise for prompt response and quick processing of shipping.

When ready to order, all you have to is sign in your account. Make sure you watch out for the discounted items for huge savings especially in bulk purchases.

If you have registered before, you can just log in to start clicking and ordering your preferred acrylic frames. We make shopping for acrylic frames convenient and easy for you.

If there are acrylic frames that you need in color or with different surface finishes, we are happy to provide consultancy and how to best provide your business its marketing display needs.