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If you own a restaurant or any dining place, you would agree that brochures and leaflets are perfect displays. A well-designed brochure entices your customer to try out your new addition to the menu or a special price offering for your bestsellers. No matter how high-end technology becomes, a brochure is still one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools.

Brochures with good design and practical message will only look better when presented properly. You will love our brochure holders or table tents placed on your dining tables or counters.

Our quality made brochure holders perfectly fit standard-sized brochures. It can display one or more brochures or leaflets. Logos can also be printed on bases as custom designs.

Brochure holders are designed with an appeal that can match any ambiance – be it a classy traditional or elegant modern restaurant styles. Its neutral, clear acrylic complements any color themes your dining place has.

Brochure holders surfaces are scratch-proof and ideal for heavy use. Clear acrylic is a suitable material that is durable and can withstand any impact when guests accidentally knock off your brochure holders. Cleaning is also easy as simple wiping does the job right.

Many restaurant owners utilize a wide selection of our display holders as part of their marketing strategies. These brochure holders are one of our most ordered items. As part of our outstanding client service, we cater to customization that matches your preferences and budget.

Brochure Holders or Table Tents For Your Dinners, Offices or Events

Table tents have various practical uses not limited to displaying restaurant brochures only.

Many other services like catering, wedding or events organizers, delis, food markets, groceries and many more benefit from displaying table tents. Even non-food estblishments are also enjoying this low-cost solution to display their leaflets or brochures. You’ll find table tents on doctor’s clinic, counselling offices, salons and retail establishments.

Table tents are tried and tested to increase sales when displayed in prominent areas. When amazing brochure designs are presented, the print ads do all the ‘selling’ to both your new and loyal customers.

Table tents can also be used as a supplementary tool to get the word out of your other marketing strategies such as social media campaigns. The brochures can display your online information or deliver promotional messages to initiate customer engagement to your social media activities.

How To Order Your Table Tents Today

We designed our online catalog with only one purpose: your convenience. It showcases all our display products with the details included per item for your reference. All table tents are made with clear acrylic in industry standard sizes.

We can immediately ship any stock brochure holders within the same day. All you have to do is register for an account so ordering is easy with just a click on our online catalog. You can select different sizes and other options when placing an order. Registering is easy and quick. For repeat clients, please log in your account, and we’ll process your order within the day.

If you are looking for customized brochure holders and table tents, please contact our hotline 1-855-492-2000 for your requests and orders. All our items are manufactured in our own factory using top-grade materials and checked according out to our quality standards.

You can also email us at One of our friendly representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.