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There are many marketing strategies businesses employ, and it's not all about print ads.

Marketing boxes are common tools to engage your customers on a different level. More commonly used during exhibitions and trade shows, these boxes are utilized to capture crowd information and process the data to something that will help with business development. This can be used to generate leads (consumer data), polls (customers opinions) or surveys (product or service improvement).

Here at Displays Market, you will appreciate the catalogue for suggestion box, ballot box and donation box.

A suggestion box is a common fixture you can find in many dining places and other service oriented establishments. This allows the business to capture information in a way of suggestions - either with customer details or anonymously - with the aim to improve their services or offerings. A suggestion box is also a good sign from customers' view that the establishment cares about what the customers have to say. Some great ideas or promotions are decided by information fed by the customers in the suggestion box. A small suggestion box settles perfectly on counters where it encourages customers to drop their feedback.

A ballot box is a more formal format of marketing in which ballots are used to vote among options that customers favor. Each ballot box is normally secured so that the contents will not be accessed. The lock in each ballot box can be a lock system that is traditional or digital depending on how you require the ballot box to be. Ballot box can come in clear acrylic or with colored cover to conceal the contents inside.

Another useful marketing tool is the donation box. Commonly utilized by charities and not-for-profit organization, this can be seen on counters or where there is good traffic. Charity box can be printed with graphics and texts that serve as an advertisement to promote the cause for donation. The donation box can be set up to receive cash donations or in kind. Like the ballot box, each donation box can be secured with a lock system depending on how complex you require the lock to be. For non-profit organizations, a donation box can be seen as an investment that multiplies the income for any cause that they are founded for.

Choosing The Best Marketing Box

Your business can be using one or a combination of two marketing boxes. A suggestion box can go well with a ballot box – while capturing specific recommendations, customers can also vote for fixed options. Dividing the two can provide a set of statistics that can be utilized to analyse future marketing efforts.

The suggestion box, ballot box or donation box is made of acrylic. This is a durable material that doesn’t easily get broken even when accidentally pushed off a counter. It is also ideal that acrylic can be highly customized. Acrylic sheets are easy to cut allowing us to customize your suggestion box, ballot box or donation box.

Please let us know if you need your suggestion box, ballot box or donation box printed. Call us 1-855-492-2000 or email info@displaysmarket.com

When it comes to securing your boxes, Displays Market can also help you customize the lock system for your suggestion box, ballot box or donation box.

How to Order A Suggestion Box, Ballot Box or Donation Box

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If you have any customization requests, we advise that you call our hotline so that one of our friendly operators can assist you with your order. We manufacture our own display products so we are able to customize and accommodate bespoke requests.

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