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Magnetic LED Boxes

With the introduction of neon lights, evening marketing displays became more vibrant. Our advances in technology today make possible other marketing alternatives such as light boxes and LED boxes.

Neon lights have still the classic appeal. However, more businesses are choosing LED because of budget and environmental concerns. LED lights save energy up to 60% compared to fluorescent lights. Each LED bulb also lasts many years making it the suitable choice for long-term marketing displays.

So it is not a wonder why LED displays are now becoming the practical trend.

Displays Market offers a wide selection of LED frames and boxes for your displays needs. Our bestseller, Magnetic LED Boxes, is an affordable option that presents more value than its price.

Magnetic LED boxes can make your print ads look sophisticated. With its minimalist appeal, the frame and depth is designed to be one of the slimmest magnetic LED boxes available in the market today.

Its frames are manufactured using aluminum and finishes in black or silver. Neutral colors will match any graphic design your brand presents. Print ads become more noticeable especially when the lights turn dim.

Its reusability is quite a benefit for businesses who regularly replace their print ads. Magnetic LED boxes come with clear acrylic covers which open for print removal and replacement. The magnets that attach to the frame are industry-standard, strong enough to withstand any normal wear-and-tear of displays in frequented areas.

Magnetic LED boxes come with its own plug that is designed so that it can be easily concealed behind the frame itself.

The frames come in standard sized profiles. Normal posters can be placed in Magnetic LED Boxes; however, translucent printed materials are preferable such as Duratrans prints. This allows the LED to highlight the graphic design when ambient light is insufficient.

Is Magnetic LED Boxes Right For Your Business?

Display frames are great marketing tools that are normally within your budget because of their low prices. Magnetic LED Boxes have been used in many ways, both commercial and non-commercial.

Typically, Magnetic LED Boxes are seen in malls, hotels, restaurants, theatres, subways, concert halls, events places, and many more establishments.

We have a number of clients who also utilize Magnetic LED Boxes in limitless possibilities. Magnetic LED Boxes are great as an office wall decoration. It can also work as a simple signage outside a boutique retail shop or a small café.

Magnetic LED Boxes have also found their way to personal use - sometimes to highlight a photographer’s home with a showcase of photographic arts.

If you have a print ad or posters or artworks that need to be displayed, then Magnetic LED Boxes may be beneficial to you.

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