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Acrylic Business Card Holder Discounted on Displays Market


Business cards have been traded for many centuries. With today’s technology, we are inclined to think of business cards as obsolete. The fact is a business card remains one of the simplest and quickest exchange of trustworthy information when dealing professionally. We recommend a business card holder placed strategically in business spaces.

A business card holder offers your cards as a formal introduction that still surpasses online exchange of information over three important points. One, it does not require any gadgets, internet connection or any form of electronics making it suitable for everyone. Second, it is a more personal and quicker exchange instead of fumbling with mobile devices or swapping email addresses. And third, it still remains as an inexpensive form of marketing useful during networking events.

A business card holder is an effective tool to present your business cards in a classic appeal. A business card holder entices a guest to pick a card, and this card will serve as a call to action.

Acrylic Business Card Holder For Your Business

Where you organize your business cards is important when it comes to presentation. Our acrylic business card holder looks great on desks. A business card holder also looks appealing when mounted to walls.

Our acrylic business card holder can withstand impact. It is made of durable materials that maintains clarity despite of prolonged use. Acrylic business card holder can be placed or mounted in ideal office areas without the risk of breaking or damage.

It is offered in standard business card holder sizes. If you have other specifications, please give us a call to see how we can meet your requirement.

Its function is not limited as a business card holder only. It is also a neat way of organizing other cards, notes and other small-sized prints. The acrylic base looks great on your desk or reception areas. Empty business card holder can also be left so guests can leave their own business cards.

Acrylic Business Card Holder Is The Best Match For Your Budget

As acrylic is inexpensive, this is the best option when looking for a business card holder. This is ideal to use not only on your desk office, but also when attending networking events, trade shows or seminars.

A business card holder organizes your business cards effectively and can hold a thick set which minimizes the need for refilling. It is designed with half the card showing for an easy pull. Acrylic business card holder is transparent and shows the front face of the card even before interested parties can take one.

Contact Us Today For Our Bestseller Business Card Holder

Our acrylic card holder is designed and manufactured in-house along with thousands of other display products. Be sure to browse our online catalog for other display products.

To order your acrylic business card holder, you can contact our hotline at 1-855-492-2000. One of our friendly operators is on standby to answer your call. We work on a “what you need, when you need it” basis which many of our clients appreciate.

Alternatively, you can create an account with us. It only takes a minute and your information is secure. You may also email us with your queries on