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If ever you find yourself in an office or any workspace when there’s too much disorganized paperworks or paper notices taped on walls, it’s time to consider clip boards.

A clip board is a simple display tool that can be utilized as an individual organizer or an effective display tool. Its mechanism is so simple that’s why it is also inexpensive and yet works without fault and lasts many years due to the sturdy design and good quality of the material used.

Whenever you need to present a piece of paper, a clip board is a good way to present it to everyone you need to share the document with.

It is lightweight and easy to carry while making sure that the document it holds will not look like another piece of draft especially when everybody else needs to refer to it.

Another strategic way of utilizing clip boards is by mounting it on walls placing where employees are able to see it. You can expect that everybody is kept up to date when it comes to announcements, process updates, information and directions.

The body of the clip board is made of solid silver anodized aluminum. It doesn’t break easily and its backboard cannot be bent. The clip itself is also made of the same material.

Clip boards are easy to clean. We ship these to where you are with a hanging hook and magnet that are included in the package.

Aside from clip boards, you can also find clip boards paper only bars. These are made of the same durable anodized aluminium present with any clip boards model. These are great for holding memos that are normally replaced more regularly. The placing of papers are also made simple by just sliding in the paper into the groove of the clip board bar.

How To Order Your Clip Board

Any office or business establishment can benefit from having a clip board or a clip board bar. These are inexpensive tools that will help your staff keep documents organized and ensure that important information is effectively distributed. This is one practical channel of communication especially when placed in well trafficked areas like hallways, pantries or reception areas.

Ordering your clip boards are easy. Go to the category page of Office Products on our online catalogue. Our line of clip boards are available for viewing with each clip board specifications noted per model.

When purchased in bulk orders, discounts are applied. All relevant notes are included on each page of the clip board.

Register for a free account and enter few relevant details to start ordering instantly from the online catalogue. All information you enter are secured and protected. Our site uses industry-grade security so that you are ensured your data is safe.