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12.80"w x 22.44"h Waterbase A Frame Board Sidewalk Sign Gray

SKU: UWPS001000X2000

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Template Files

UWPS001000X2000 Photoshop Template
UWPS001000X2000 Illustrator Template

Template Guidelines & Instructions

Accepted File Formats
– Adobe Illustrator CC (or earlier) – .ai or .eps
– Adobe Photoshop CC (or earlier) – .psd or .tif

1. Photoshop files should be a minimum of 100 dpi
2. Don’t merge all layers. Provide a layered file.
3. Be sure to the highest resolution version of stock images.
4. We use CMYK digital printers to create your graphics. 100% reproduction of defined colors is not possible.Differences between colors in the printed and original file can occur at many different stages. Variations in color or shadingare often a result of viewing on un-calibrated equipment (monitors, printers, etc). Colors will often appear different whenviewed on two different monitors or output devices. Without accurate color information, we have no way of ensuring thatexpected colors will be achieved.
5. Indicate Pantone Values for all critical colors. Click here for Pantone (PMS) color definition.
(Click here for an example.)
6. The use of multiple banner displays to create a single mural effect is NOT recommended. We do not guarantee matchedvertical or horizontal placement between banners. There may also be slight curling after time on banner edges.
Please see our full line of mural displays designed for mural purposes.
7. Do not alter template size unless you purchased an adjustable banner.

1. Artwork should be submitted the same day the order has been placed to avoid delays.
2. After receiving your file, it will be reviewed within 24-48 hours for printing requirements. If the file does not meet all the necessary requirements, we will contact you via e-mail.
3. If corrections are needed, by making these changes and resubmit the file.
4. After the file has been approved, we will send proof to you for your approval via e-mail.
5. After we receive proof approval, production lead time begins.
6. Once your item is through production it will be shipped.

Please note, artwork approval, production time & shipping time all affect how quickly you will receive your product.

1. Please indicate any special positioning requirements of your graphic on the product.
2. Individual program requirements:
     1. Illustrator – convert all fonts to outlines & embed all images.
     2. Photoshop – rasterize all fonts.
3. File color mode must be CMYK. If requesting Pantone matching, please provide a layered file. This allows us to makeminor color corrections if necessary.
4. Please send only files that are used in your graphic/design.
5. Due to variations in output and viewing devices, there is no guarantee of 100% color match. We are unable to guarantee printed colors will be as they appear on your monitor, printer, or other viewing method. We cannot guarantee color matching to previously ordered units.

Sending Graphics File
You can send it to us after placing your order. Please compress all files and folders using the ZIP file format andname the file using your order number (ex:

How to send graphics file after placing your order?
– Files under 10MB – Upload file here or email to
– Files over 10MB – Upload using WeTransfer.
     1. Enter to the buyer’s e-mail address.
     2. Enter the DisplaysMarket order number in the message box.

For more information, you can call +1 855-478-0363 or email us at