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Sidewalk Signs


Foot traffic is always considered as one of the major channels of potential customers. With many distractions on the street today, marketing displays get more competitive.

We understand how business owners sometimes need efficient marketing tools rather than compete high end. Sidewalk signs are practical display tool for businesses. They are durable and budget-friendly.

Sidewalk signs can be writable or can come with frames to secure signs. While they cost less, sidewalk signs look elegant when placed on pavements. They are designed to withstand moderate to heavy foot traffic. Sidewalk signs can tolerate crowded areas as they are not easily toppled over.

The advantage of investing in sidewalk signs is its reusability. The frames allow graphics to replaceable with ease.

Sidewalk signs can also be displayed indoors, along mall walkways, subways and other places where foot traffic is normal.

Weather proof and heavy duty sidewalk signs are also available. Simply browse our online catalogue for sidewalk signs categories. All specifications are noted so that it’s convenient for you to find what you are exactly looking for.

Custom made sidewalk signs are also welcome. Depending on the material and function you require the sidewalk signs for, our in-house design team will be able to create and manufacture the design in-house.

Please call our hotline 1-855-492-2000 for customization queries.

Finding The Right Sidewalk Signs For Your Business

Although sidewalk signs function the same – that is to showcase your brand to foot traffic – there are different models of sidewalk signs that you need to understand so you know what sidewalk sign is suitable for your business.

A Boards Sidewalk Signs

Also called an A Frame, a Sandwich Board Sidewalk Sign or an Outdoor Sidewalk Sign, A Board is a classic presentation that is normally seen in outdoor cafes and dining places al fresco.

The simplicity of an A board as a sidewalk sign comes with its portability and convenience of use.

This sidewalk sign has aluminum frames. There are variations of wood finish. When in storage, the A board is folded. When to be used, the A board only folds out creating an A-shape so that the feet support the full sidewalk sign.

The prints can be either inserted or placed by opening its clear front cover.

A Board sidewalk sign can be purchased with a header where you can print your own brand or other trademarks.

Aluminum Sidewalk Signs

This aluminum sidewalk sign is an effective attention grabber.

The heavy built design highlights your prints so that your brand can communicate better with your potential customers.

Aluminum sidewalk sign is reusable. Replacing of prints is easy. The double-sided frames allow you to display two prints at once. All you need to do is snap open the frames and load your prints on front. The aluminum sidewalk sign cover has anti-glare which provides a better viewing experience to consumers.

Pro Series Sidewalk Signs

Heavy duty and long lasting – these are major advantages of the Pro Series Sidewalk Signs.

Manufactured with combination of aluminum, plastic or rubber, this sidewalk sign presents your prints on a whole new level. It comes in industry-standard profile sizes.

The frames are spring loaded for print stability ensuring that your prints are always balanced even if the sidewalk sign is transported. And speaking of mobility, the sidewalk sign can come with wheels so that you can just place it right across your store front and store it indoors when it’s closing time.

Water base Sidewalk Signs

There are varieties of water-based sidewalk signs that Displays Market offer on our online catalogue.

- Swinger Sidewalk Sign provides two rings to suspend your prints. It is water based providing stability while placed outdoors. This sidewalk sign is designed to sustain moderate weather conditions.

- Swinger Sidewalk Sign with Wheels is similar to the original Swinger except for the installation of wheels for added portability.

- Pyramid Sidewalk Sign is designed for heavy use as a pavement display. Its fun appearance is an effective attention grabber. Even when already displayed, plastic stoppers can be opened to put additional water or sand making the base more stable.

- Wind Sidewalk Sign is perfect for outdoor displays. It can withstand rainy and windy conditions with its stable base. Even winter conditions are no match as the base comes with industrial salt to prevent the water for freezing.

- A Board Water Base Sidewalk Sign is heavy, stable and manufactured with durable plastic. This plastic sidewalk sign is reliable in mild to moderate weather conditions.

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