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Business owners are more aggressive when it comes to visual displays of their brands. The competition is definitely fiercer. The chance to stand out is now tougher.

Displays Market understands these challenges, so we continue to innovate and provide your business display tools that will help increase your sales.

Our sign holders are distinct when it comes to the quality of materials we use, the attention to its design and manufacturing, and the features that are highly customizable so that we can deliver what you require for your printed ads.

Sign holders are affordable given their durability. They give print ads the classic appeal especially when presented in well-trafficked locations.

Choose from our wide selection of sign holders. If you need custom designs, please call us at 1-855-492-2000 and let us know what exactly you need. Friendly operators are on standby to receive your calls.

Different Sign Holders For Different Functions

Features and structure of sign holders can be mixed and matched resulting to hundreds of combinations. We’re giving you a quick guide to understand each type of sign holders.

Poster Holders or Sometimes Called Infoboards

This sign holder normally features oval-shaped heavy duty metal base. This is perfect as a poster stand where traffic can get really busy.

This sign holder comes unassembled when shipped to you. Instruction sheet, parts and hardwares are included for easy assembly.

It comes with 3 covers – 2 clear covers to place on each front side of the prints, and 1 black cover which is placed in between the prints to minimize any unnecessary light getting through. Each clear cover for this sign holder has anti-glare feature so that crowd can instantly see your prints.

The prints slide in from the sign holder top bevelled frame.

Eco Floor Poster Stands

Eco floor Poster stands are great sign holders when you have multiple prints to display for your brand.

This sign holder comes in either black or silver which complements any theme of your print ads.

Up to 4 prints can be managed at a time with double-side viewing and 2-tier layout.

Display stands

This type of sign holder is one of the most customizable display tools that we offer.

The sign holder provides a multi-channel display.

A number of options are available for customization such as the print orientation (portrait or landscape), number of frames (double sided, 2 tiers), brochure or leaflet shelves (single or double sided), frame corners (rounded or mitred), and many more.

If you are looking for a versatile sign holder, our collection of display stands is definitely worth checking.

Poster display convex boxes

To describe this sign holder is simply put as a snap frame with convex covers and a sturdy stand.

The sign holder has the same features of a snap frame for easy print replacements and supplemented with a magnetic cover for your prints protection.

Its base is sturdy and ideally placed well-trafficked indoor areas.


Totems are elegant in style and gives your prints a new dimension.

This sign holder has a patterned panel bottom for the models which only occupies the top half for print ad placement.

It can come with a lighted options giving your prints the spotlight even in dim areas.

Mono totems are also available. This is a sign holder that utilizes the full stand, from its top to bottom profile and provides a banner-like appearance to your prints.

What to expect in every package of sign holders

Depending on the sign holder that you purchased, the parts included in the package will vary.

Sign holders are shipped disassembled and with hardware required for assembly.

Do not worry if you are not an expert in assembling things as instruction sheets are provided. This is a step-by-step guide to make sure your sign holder is built instantly.

Order Your Sign Holder Today

With so many options to customize, you will definitely find the perfect sign holder for your marketing requirements.

Our online catalogue lists many available combinations of features for each type of sign holder. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll promptly attend to your queries.

You can also email for your orders, queries and customization requests.

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