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Display Stands

Adjustable Menuboard 11 X 17 Poster Size 1 Silver Color Profile, Round Corner
Adjustable Menuboard 8,5 X 11 Poster Size 1 Silver Color Profile, Round Corner
Adjustable Menuboard 11 X 17 Poster Size 1 Silver Color Profile, Mitred Corner
Adjustable Menuboard 8,5 X 11 Poster Size 1 Silver Color Profile, Mitred Corner
Leaflet  Brochure Display Shelf 2 x 812 x 11 Capacity Black Steel Shelf Only
Steel shelf holds 2  5.8 x 8.2
Free Standing Displays with Frames  Steel Shelf Single Sided, Black 4 Channels
Free Standing Displays with Frames  Steel Shelf Single Sided, Silver 4 Channels
Free Standing Displays with Frame  Steel Shelves Single Sided, Black 4 Channels
Free Standing Displays Literature Display Stands with Frame  Steel Shelves Single Sided, Silver 4 Channels

Display Stands

Make up your own stand in your desired variation.
Optional Frames recommended are either in
1 3/16 inch (30 mm) profiles to be used in
both portrait or landscape position.
4 Channel Stand; the channels on fours sides
of the central pole hold single-sided or
double-sided frames and shelves separately
or collectively at the same time.
Optional steel shelves are powder coated,
have a 1 1/16, 1/8 inch (1, 2 mm) thickness
and the clear acrylic shelves are 3/16 inch
(4 mm) clear acrylic.
Each shelf has a 2 x (8.5 x 11 inch Letter /
A4 size) capacity.
An ideal brochure stand that permits an
indoor use of different models.
Heavy & stable base for public spaces.


Print ads remain one of the most effective marketing tools despite today’s digital convenience. And the best way to highlight these materials are by placing them in frames and literature shelves integrated with display stands.

Your business is sure to get noticed when your print ads are displayed in areas where foot traffic is high. For this reason, the quality of the display stands must be equal to your high standards.

Great for retail shops, markets, service providers, restaurants and even for outdoor spaces. The frames are sturdy and can be weather proof while the base is made durable. You can find our display stands as menu boards, literature displays, info boards, poster stands and with many more functions where a display is targeted to be highlighted.

Our display stands are highly customizable. Stock designs are available for ordering on our online catalog. However, if you have display stands that need to match your specific requirements, we can customize one for you. All our products are designed and manufactured in-house with only top quality materials.

Find A Display Stand Right For Your Business

All display stands are manufactured from steel, while the frames come in either steel or acrylic. Stock designs can be ordered online without hassle. If you have specific requirements, we’re more than happy to assist you. To give you an idea of the basics, we’ve created an easy reference below for all display stands options.

Posts – Posts are steel-based with black or silver finishing. The square or oval shaped base is heavily weighted which makes it stable even when accidentally moved by passing traffic.

Frames – All frames come in clear acrylic or powder coated steel designs. Available options for sizes follow standards in marketing displays. You may opt either rounded corners or the classic mitred. Or, instead of frames, convex boxes are available which are great for exterior advertisements.

Shelves – The steel shelves are also powder coated steel or clear acrylic. They come in single or double sided options. Industry standard sizes are available for customization. Perfect for your marketing literature distribution.

Customizing Your Display Stands

We understand how each business has their unique needs. And we also understand how marketing fixtures must adapt to your specific requirements. So, we offer bespoke arrangements when it comes to our display stands and other marketing fixtures.

Hundreds of combinations are possible by mixing and matching the elements of your display stands. From sizes to colors to combination of the frames and shelves, there is a design that will surely match your ideas.

Sizes are industry standard for both frames and shelves. Let us know your print sizes and we’ll recommend the best fit. Shelves are perfect for brochures and other marketing literature intended for distribution. The layout of frames and shelves can also be customized: portrait or landscape position, single or double sided layout, number of tiers for a single display post.

Other Display Stands and Sign Holders

Aside from standard display stands, we offer other specialty freestanding displays.

Eco Floor Poster Stands

Manufactured with the same high quality materials as our display stands, the eco floor stands are perfect as poster holders. Your prints for events, products or services will look sophisticated with classic frames and sturdy built.

Convex Boxes

Instead of the normal frames, this snap-on option makes it easier to change your displays whenever you like it. If your business has comprehensive print marketing strategies, then this is a perfect solution. The clear cover is secured with magnets for a no-hassle change of prints. The convex cover provides a great-looking, unique display. Convex boxes have options with lighting.

Totem Displays

Totems are freestanding and lightweight. All totems are designed using patterned polystyrene panels at the bottom of the frame. Changing prints are easy. All you have to do is open the front face of the stand. The opening is attached by magnets. The displays come with or without lighting. Lighted displays are great in areas where surrounding ambient lights are insufficient.

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