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Totem 27w x 67h Poster Size Silver, Double Sided, With Light, Snap Open Poster Change
Totem 27w x 77h Poster Size Silver, Double Sided, With Light, Snap Open Poster Change
Decorative Totem 24w x 36h Poster Size Silver, Double Sided, With poster panel
Mono Totem 27w x 67h Poster Size Without Light


Stylish and practical free-standing light coloumn
Double sided.
The elegant looking decorative totem is designed
with a patterned polystyrene panel at the bottom.
The snap frames enable you to change the display
material easily whenever desired. The snap frames
can be used from both sides. One can simply open
the front profile to change the poster. PVC hinge
on one side and magnetic cover allows for an easy
change of the poster. A hinged door, magnetic
cover close and plastic pegs on both sides add
value to the unit.
Delivered with 6.5 ft. (2 m.) electrical cable with
plug. UK plug must be specified in order.


A sign holder is an effective way to display your print ads. They are known for their reusability. And businesses love sign holders because they are good investment that last many years and help greatly when it comes to their marketing displays.

One of the best looking sign holders is a totem display. Like how a traditional totem should look like, it is an attention grabber when placed in hallways or pavements. It elegantly sits on any well trafficked area with full length presentation of your signages. Totems are user-friendly so changing of prints or even maintenance is never a hassle.

Totems come in a variety with unique features depending on your display requirements. Totems can either have lighting or non-lighting options. Please specify which type of plug do you prefer as standard plugs vary in different countries. The lighting effect highlights your prints and looks great in dim surroundings.

Some totems can also function as outdoor displays with rubber linings to keep any moisture out.

The panels are normally manufactured out of plystyrene material while the covers are clear acrylic. All materials are premium grade so that you can be assured of their durability and quality finish.

The design of totems are pro convenience. The posters can be replaced by simply opening the cover and placing the posters with plastic clips inside while the cover and magnetic frame will secure the posters in place.

The features and benefits for totems can be mixed and matched depending on your print display requirements.

Different Totem Designs and Features

There is a selection of totems available depending on how you plan to utilize them. We are listing some of them below. Do remember that if you don’t find your specific requirements when it comes to features of the totems, contact our hotline 1-855-492-2000 and we’re happy to receive your call.

Standard Totem

The standard totem is framed with snap frames. The magnetic cover together with plastic clips located in the four corners of the backboard help secure your posters. The clear acrylic has an anti-glare feature so even in well-lit areas, the traffic will not miss any of the prints details. The poster is presented in full banner length.

Decorative Totem

Features the similar functions and features of a standard totem but with an additional design catered to the sophisticated taste of consumers. These go perfect with business who wants to showcase their fashion brands or any other products that can use a bit of fancy. The polystyrene panel at the bottom half can be patterned depending on your preference. The poster is presented in half length while the patterned space supplements the holistic image of this totem.

Mono Totem

The mono totem is a full length display that features a convex type of backboard. This provides depth to the print ads placed. Similar to other totems, the mono totem is user friendly. All you have to do is slide in your print and cover it with a non-glare acrylic cover.

Other totem features are light options, weatherproof models and colored frames.

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