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It is common for businesses who receive guests to manage the crowd. Banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, reception areas and other well trafficked areas of commercial establishments.

Without a crowd control system in place, the queues get disorganized which may result to a bad customer experience. This is already a good enough reason to invest in stanchion systems.

A stanchion system is basically a stanchion pole and a stanchion rope interconnected in a flow that you require the queues to be. Or organized in a way where you need the foot traffic to flow. It can also be done in a way where the traffic flow is strategic with points of the stanchion system that may encourage your customers to purchase more or interest them with other store displays.

Another advantage of utilizing stanchion poles and stanchion ropes is to maximize an otherwise limited spaces. By placing each stanchion poles and stanchion ropes in a pattern that utilizes available corners and spaces, you can already double the space of your shop.

Stanchion ropes and stanchion poles can also be placed to secure restricted areas. In shops where fragile items are on display or museums where works of art can’t be touched, stanchion ropes and stanchion poles can prevent these from happening.

There are also restaurants or cafes that extend stanchion poles and stanchion ropes outside their establishments to utilize their storefront. Another adding to the commercial space.

Some public offices also install stanchion poles and stanchion ropes for pedestrian safety. There are many more solutions to stanchion systems and so it is always a practical utility to have in any business.

Design can also be customized. Stanchion poles can be installed with frames where the business can insert any signage or printed instructions by the start of the queue. Stanchion ropes can have brands or logos printed on them to personalize the customer experience.

Find A Stanchion Right For Your Business

Our standard stanchion ropes and stanchion poles comes with a number of features.

The Q stanchion ropes featured a standard design. Colors available are black, chrome and gray. The rope length can be customized but comes in standard of 2 meters per item. Stanchion poles are sold separately so you can definitely mix and match the system that you find the most suitable for your needs.

Other then Q stanchion ropes, other variety of belts, chains and ropes are available. It can also come in different materials – velvet, steel, plastic. If you do not find the stanchion ropes that you are looking for, please contact our hotline so we can help you with your customization requests.

Stanchion Poles are designed with durability. Its aluminum base is sturdy and available in either black or gray or chrome finish. These are sold separately from stanchion ropes. Some models can be semi permanently pfixed in palce with screws.

Stanchion poles and stanchion ropes can be mixed and matched. Different varieties in colors, materials used, design are available to result in a combination that you prefer. If you need more custom options, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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