Affordable Ergonomic Step Stools for Home and Office

Step Stools


If ever you’ve found yourself in a situation when having Step Stools can turn a task more convenient with a higher lift, you are in the right place to understand how Step Stools can benefit your office or your shop.

A low cost solution compared to commercial-standard ladders, a step tool is a top solution if you have shelves or storage drawers in the office or shop where your staff needs to access.

Made of rigid plastic and designed to be sturdy, Step Stools do the job right. It is lightweight and yet heavy duty. Storage is never a concern as it doesn’t occupy space like a ladder does.

Step Stools are practical office tools. Some businesses use it not as just for extra reach but also for low sitting. Definitely a value for your money that will last for many years of heavy use.

Check out our online shop. We also offer foot rests for your comfort during long hours in the office. The same materials are used so you are guaranteed of quality and durability.

Finding The Right Step Stools According To Your Requirement

Displays Market offers only quality products that will improve productivity and efficiency.

A step tool can be a great alternative to ladders. Each standard step tool displayed on our online catalogue can be customized. Even when customized, the same quality of materials is used.

The step tool comes in either 1-step or 2-step variation. They are made of rigid plastic and comes in variations of colors.

Each step tool is dent-proof, scratch-proof and weather-proof.

Spring loaded castors retract for stability whenever weight is applied. When the weight is lifted, the step tool can be mobile and easily transported from area to area.

Finding the Right Foot Rest For Healthier Work Environment

Footrests are practical tools under your desk. If you haven’t used one, it’s time to consider buying to free your foot from stress of sitting all day long.

There are different models of footrests Displays Market offers:


Active footrest is manufactured using solid plastic. This ensures that the item is durable and can endure many years of use.

The height is adjustable so you can find the perfect angle for your feet to rest. This is especially beneficial for health when it comes to posture and immobility concerns from sitting in long hours.

These are lightweight and easily stored.


This non-slip footrest is adjustable and freely follows the movement of your feet.

There are 3 settings for adjusting the height. The adjustments maximize the benefits of supporting the feet during long hours at work.

Footrest fits perfectly under desk and easily stored.


The unique design of the turn footrest is the absences of any side support. This allows the footrest to move like a swing following the direction of the weight of the feet.

It is made of rigid plastic, not easily breakable and durable for many years of use.

The ergonomic design of this footrest provide comfort for inactive feet. This is beneficial to blood circulation and nerves health.

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