Two Step Plastic Step Stools for Office Usage

2-Step Plastic Step Stools

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When a single step stool does not accommodate the reach you need, a 2 step plastic step stools may be the perfect option for you. It is perfect when you need an extra step to make sure you reach the higher shelves or storage areas. Perfect even for home use, 2 step plastic step stools provide a practical solution when it comes to organizing your premise.

For home use, 2 step plastic step stools can be used as a low sitting stool or a mini ladder. Suitable for both children and adults use. 2 step plastic step stools are safe to use as they are manufactured from rigid plastic and can support weight of up to 150 kgs. The bottom part is also designed to make sure that the base does not move while in use.

Storage is simple. Our 2 step plastic step stools have casters underneath which retracts whenever pressured is applied. This means that when not in use the step stools can just easily be transported with a quick nudge of a foot to get from point to point. And when ready to use, simply step on it and the casters are out of the way. This resolves the ladders biggest concern when it comes to storage especially when space is limited in your stores or even stock rooms.

All 2 step plastic step stools are designed and manufactured in house. We also source only premium grade materials which goes into our display, office and utility products such as the 2 step plastic step stools. If you cannot find the model you need, please contact our friendly operators so we can help you with bespoke options.

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1 step plastic step stools vs 2 step plastic step stools

Both the 1 step plastic step stools and 2 step plastic step stools have similar functions, the difference in feature is that the 2 step plastic step stools have an extra step to give you additional lift. This is most especially useful when it comes to top shelves or premises with high ceilings in which the storage will be proportional to the space vertical profile.

Step stools provide the portability, usefulness and sturdiness that ladders also provide. However, the advantage of 2 step plastic step stools is it is lightweight so storing it is easy. It is also less bulky making it perfect to store in corners or just about anywhere it can fit.

2 step plastic step stools are perfect for retail stores, restaurants, schools, boutiques, offices and even homes. They come in various colors so you can choose the best color that will match your room’s theme. 2 step plastic step stools cannot be scratched or dented easily. It can also tolerate any weather so outdoor storage is never a problem.

We recommend that you check the height requirement of your step stools before ordering. For an extra step of lift, select the 2 step plastic step stools for more height.

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