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Istanbul, A Bit Of Everything In A Pot

Lockable Weatherproof Smart LEDbox

I have a special interest in the  Olympic Games! I was in London for last years . I enjoyed a lot. It was an unforgettable life experience, meeting new people, getting excited with 80,000 others plus the one’s watching at home.I only regret that, I wanted to buy one of those lovely red telephone booth […]

I Found A Treasure In The Basement!

bulk poster frames

We recently purchased a new flat in a new neighborhood, and when I went down to the basement to put some spare stuff, I found bulk poster frames. Different sizes, different colors and materials. Some in good shape, some broken or rusted. Lots of frames. Can you believe that? The dusty and quiet basement was for […]

A Little Game For Food Lovers

menu display stands

My boyfriend and I play a little game. Every Saturday we pick a restaurant, preferably a restaurant that offers a cuisine associated with a specific region, country or culture. We order food just by telling the number on the menu display stands. After we eat , we try to cook exactly the same dish without looking at […]