Coronavirus Covid 19 Health Protection Equipments

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COVID-19 Health Protections Equipment

The COVID-19 pandemic has been felt in almost every area of modern life and has resulted in major changes in how we conduct day-to-day business activities. Displays Market offers a variety of health protections equipment for your business or organization. 

Our COVID-19 health protections equipment is designed to support health and safety guidelines, with consideration to proper social distancing, hygiene, and personal protection. 

We offer a variety of countertop sneeze guards that are perfect for food servers in every industry. These are great for restaurants, cafes, delis, schools, and other environments where food is served. 

Sneeze guards are also ideal for retail shops and places of business where your staff is expected to interact with the public face-to-face such as banks, grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, etc. 

The sneeze guards can be portable and move from station to station around the work environment or they can hang from the ceiling as a semi-permanent fixture to help protect the health and safety of both your employees and the visiting customers. 

Displays Market also offers a variety of hand sanitizing stations and dispensers, which can be placed in common rooms and heavily trafficked areas. This is just another way you can help protect the health and safety of your employees and customers. 

Other COVID-19 health protections equipment includes portable student desk dividers, face shields, clear wall separators, and much more. 

Shop our products and equipment below to take one big step towards protecting the health and safety of your employees and customers from COVID-19.