Floor Stand For Healthcare Dispensers

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Floor Stand for Healthcare Dispensers

Displays Market offers floor stands for healthcare dispensers and personal protection equipment. 

These stands are designed to hold small boxes such as disposable gloves, face masks, alcohol wet wipes, and tissues. 

The floor stands for healthcare dispensers are suitable for indoor use and can be easily transported. They are ideal for public spaces such as grocery stores, factories, job sites, shopping malls, banks, hotel receptions, restaurants, and medical facilities. They can be used in almost any environment where people congregate and interact. 

Displays Market has a wide range of COVID-19 health protections equipment suitable for most work environments, organizations, and public places that attract people. Our products help you prioritize the health and well-being of your customers and employees. 

The dispenser size is adjustable from 3.54 inches to 5.91 inches and works with any box length as long as the max weight does not exceed 4.5 pounds. Boxes are mounted with 2 pieces of very tight, weather resistant, 19.5 inch velcro tape that can be replaced if necessary. 

The floor stand has an aluminum body and is made of high quality materials to ensure durability under conditions of frequent use. It features a sturdy base which is ideal for heavily trafficked areas. An anodized finish helps protect the body from dust and light surface scratches. 

We also offer a floor stand model with an opti snap frame that is perfect for showcasing infographics, pictures, posters, or educational materials for the good of your employees and customers. The frame has an anti-glare cover allowing a clear view of the print enclosed and protects the image from dust and direct sunlight. 

The floor stand for healthcare dispensers can be paired alongside our novel sanitizing stations for best hygienic practices and to help eliminate the spread of airborne viruses and contamination from germs and bacteria. 

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