Wooden Displays

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Wooden Displays

Displays Market is known for manufacturing beautiful sign displays to spotlight marketing materials and important information for your business or organization. This includes a wide range of wooden displays that add a bit of warmth and style to your marketing efforts. 

For your storefront or special occasion, we have several wooden chalkboard signs where you can write stylized messages with regular or liquid chalk markers. You can also hang smaller posters or leaflets on the magnetic surface. 

If you want to display full-size posters and marketing materials, we offer a variety of high-quality holders such as the WindPro Lite sidewalk poster holder. This model has a water base and is wind resistant, making it ideal for outdoor usage in front of your storefront or near heavily trafficked walkways. The model features a snap frame to change posters with ease. 

To spotlight your full-size posters with a wooden display, turn to our easels. Our easels are made of natural wood, giving each product its own unique color and feel when showcasing your business. 

Other wooden displays include dark wood or natural wood curved menu holders that are great for restaurants and cafes, double-sided poster stands to display important notices and memos, and literature holders for brochures and leaflets. For desktop and counter use, we have wooden card holders, ideal for housing business cards or showcasing gift cards for customer purchase. 

More than just wooden displays, we also offer an assortment of foldable wooden boxes that can be used as an attractive merchandise bin or can fit with your business decor. 

Displays Market offers a selection of wooden frame podiums available for businesses and organizations who feature presentations on site. Aluminum frame podiums are also available. 

Browse our selection of wooden displays to fit the aesthetic feel of your business or organization.