Suspension Hygienic Protection

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Suspension Hygienic Protection

Displays Market offers high-quality suspension hygienic protection products for your business or organization. 

These clear protective shields hang from the ceiling and serve as cough or sneeze guards for the individuals on both sides of the dividing barrier. 

Hanging barriers are useful in many types of businesses and can serve as a blocking device that helps prevent the spread of airborne viruses as well as germs and bacteria. 

Here are just a few great places to hang these barriers for added protection: 

  • Retail checkout counters or at cash registers
  • Front desk of a hotel
  • Bank teller window
  • Cafeteria food counter or buffet table
  • Cafe or coffee shop
  • Receptionist’s desk at the doctor’s office
  • Admission’s desk at the hospital
  • Delis and pizzerias
  • Office setting between desks or cubicles 
  • Any other place where face-to-face interactions or transactions take place

Suspension hygienic protection barriers help promote appropriate social distancing without limiting visibility or sound during the interaction. While on either side of the barrier, both individuals are still able to effectively communicate with each other. 

Displays Market offers a variety of COVID-19 health protection equipment that is ideal for businesses and organizations of all sizes. 

Our protective hygienic barriers are made of high-quality PET (polyethylene terephthalate) material. These clear PET separators are resistant to shatter. The aluminum Fasting Profile makes the product durable yet light for easy hanging. The anodized finish helps protect the bars from dust and light scratches. 

Our clear hanging shields are easy to install and can be placed side-by-side to create a larger protective barrier in high-occupancy environments. 

For added protection during face-to-face transactions, pair this item with a novel sanitizing station that can be featured prominently on a desk or countertop. 

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