Mask Loop Extension Hook

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Mask Loop Extension Hook

When facial personal protective equipment is needed, it can be painful for the user to wear ear straps for extended periods of time. 

That’s why we offer these comfortable mask loop extension hooks to help remove the pain and pressure of daily face mask use. The extension hook keeps the straps from your ears, yet still holds the mask securely to your face so you receive full protection. 

The hook lets you collect the straps of your face mask behind your head and fasten them in place. Our mask loop extension hooks are lightweight, dustproof, and waterproof. 

These hooks are designed to help you wear a mask comfortably and safely all day long. The mask straps can be easily adjusted by twisting them around the hooks positioned behind the head.

We offer durable and environmentally safe products manufactured and imported from Europe. The strap extenders are made of 4mm acrylic and the one-piece monoblock adaptable design increases durability. 

Extenders are packed in a clean zip lock bag as soon as they are manufactured. 

These products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be used in various professional settings and are ideal for the office, shopping, attending social gatherings, or any other instance where you are required to wear a face mask for extended periods of time. 

The acrylic extenders are easy to clean and reuse.

They can be used to hold the ear straps for disposable masks, medical masks, surgical masks, dental masks, dustproof masks, cotton masks, N95 masks, and KN95 respirators. 

You can use the mask loop extension hook in combination with our safety face shields too!

Extenders are safe to use with children. No small parts. No choking hazard. 

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