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Wood Framed Clear Hygiene Separator on Counter

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Wood Framed Clear Hygiene Separator on Counter 

Displays Market offers high-quality barriers that add an extra layer of protection against airborne viruses, including bacteria and germs frequently transmitted through coughing or sneezing. 

Place this wood framed clear hygiene separator on counters and desks for added protection during face-to-face interactions and transactions. 

The clear protective guard helps establish a barrier between people and allows you to keep a safe distance between customers and fellow colleagues. To promote awareness for social distancing, each order comes with two stickers for the frame.

These wooden frames are perfect for professional settings where image matters. The wooden frames provide a classic and more elegant appearance, which professionals are looking for in the workplace. 

We use natural wood in the frames. Please note, due to natural differences in wood, no two items are the same. Each wood frame separator has its own natural wood grain giving it a unique appearance and presentation. 

Use this wood framed clear hygiene separator on counters in professional settings such as doctors’ offices, consulting firms, contracting firms, banks, and co-working spaces just to name a few. 

This separator can be an effective part of the COVID-19 health protections equipment used within your work environment.

Each frame is made with top-quality plexiglass material that offers great transparency for people on both sides. Frames also include speaker holes for clear communication and a small slot for hand-to-hand exchanges. The frames are easy to install and have a foldable base which makes for easy mobility and storage. 

Products are made from the finest materials and are manufactured and imported from Europe. The clear plexiglass plate is durable and resistant to shatter. The wooden frames have a lacquered finish making them resistant to food and drink spillage including carbonated beverages.

These wood framed clear hygiene separators are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

We also offer standard wood framed clear hygiene separators in our product catalog. 

Displays Market offers top-quality barriers for protecting your office and work environment. Shop our online store below.