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Poster LED Light Boxes - Illuminated Displays

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Poster LED Light Boxes – Illuminated Displays

One of the best ways to showcase your products and customer-centered information is to feature the marketing content in a brightly lit display box. Our illuminated displays use advanced LED technology, giving you the ability to create long-lasting presentations at an affordable price.

These specially designed LED light boxes feature a slim, snap frame design for easy installation. You can mount the light box display to any standard wall or flat surface.

Our LED light posters are ideal for businesses and retailers who want to call attention to new products or services, spotlight attractive customer discounts, or announce upcoming events. When you want to highlight important product and marketing information for your customers, feature it in an illuminated display.

Light boxes like these can be found throughout your nearby shopping mall, in and around local movie theaters, and at many of your favorite restaurant chains. LED light posters are also trusted by many transit services and can be seen in a variety of locations such as in train stations, bus terminals, and airports.

Also known as slim light box frames, these illuminated displays are equipped with snap-open molding so you can easily update a display with new graphics. You can change the marketing or special announcement within minutes. All you have to do is simply flip open the display and slide in the desired graphic image. It’s as easy as that!

Use our specially designed LED light boxes to give your business the attention it deserves. 

Choose from our products below to illuminate your marketing posters. 

For additional products that showcase your marketing images, we also offer a wide range of poster hangers and floor displays.

$ 30.90
$ 30.90


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