Rules Are To Be Broken! Or Are They

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If you know my sister, you would say she is well-disciplined, sticks by the rules and still like to have fun but goes by the book.

When we were in  primary school we stayed at our uncle’s summer house for a summer break. Every day, with our cousins, we went to the beach after breakfast, came back for lunch, took an after-dinner nap (not voluntary but obligatory and you can imagine no one fell asleep; even for a second.

Sometimes we got so bored we just changed pictures in those cheap frames making my uncle really angry. Anyway, then we would go to the beach after nap time but had ice-cream on the way to beach. Then one day, just one ice-cream wasn’t enough for us. We didn’t have money to buy more.

We need to ask to my uncle for more pocket money. But we knew for certain if we said that we had already ice cream he wouldn’t agree to have more ice cream not for its cost but because a second one would be too much for a day.

We made a plan: we would say that we had sweets with the money so didn’t have enough money to also buy ice-cream and ask for more money. You can guess that my sister objected to this plan but knowing in deep she was ok with it . We ran back and implemented our plan. It did work.

Yeah! Guess who was first to run to the ice-cream shop. My sister. She must have felt really guilty about what we did. After that day she put my mum’s picture in a 5×7 frame in her drawer that she always took with her anywhere she went.

Don’t obey all the rules or you’ll miss the fun!

Now, I am a mother of two. They also try to break rules. Sometimes it’s really funny to see them also trying to get away with things. But moms always get the picture. It’s now clear to me. I was always asking myself how grown-ups can tell what you are up to. Life experience lifts the lid off.

My uncle also absolutely knew what we were up to. If you know which rules you can occasionally break and which ones you can’t, you will win the game. But under one condition, if the grown-up is OK with this broken rule. Otherwise no way out!

I would rather take a picture of my sister on that day enjoying her second ice-cream and make a custom sign “Rules are meant to be broken to have fun!”


10 thoughts on “Rules Are To Be Broken! Or Are They

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