I Found A Treasure In The Basement!

bulk poster frames

We recently purchased a new flat in a new neighborhood, and when I went down to the basement to put some spare stuff, I found bulk poster frames.

Different sizes, different colors and materials. Some in good shape, some broken or rusted. Lots of frames. Can you believe that?

The dusty and quiet basement was for common usage, so I asked the janitor if those frames belonged to anyone. He said they were there for a long time, and I could take them if I wanted.

I felt as if I found a treasure. Because I had lots of movie posters, but they were all rolled up, in a cartoon box and god knows which one. I could finally have them all hung in my living room, after carrying them to every flat I moved in carton boxes!

old basement

I went up and found the posters after some good searching. Posters of all my favorite movies. Matrix, Rocky 2, Terminator, Batman… 15 posters of my 15 best movies! All posters were more or less the same size.

That is the standard poster size I guess. So I took one of them to check if the poster frames sizes in the basement would fit my posters.

Can you believe I found more than 15 frames that could fit my posters. I asked the janitor to help me carry them to my flat. He did not understand what I would do with all those dusty stuff but he helped anyway.

To cover the rusted parts I bought different colors of spray paint from the local DIY shop. You know it is very easy to paint with an aerosol spray paint, even for a kid and it definitely adds a new and refreshing look. The movie poster frames had a totally brand new look after I had them painted. Some in yellow, some in red, and some in blue.

I had a welcome party at my place soon after and all my friends asked me where I bought those posters and frames? Of course I did not tell them, that I found them in the basement and made them look perfect almost for free. I just tell them,” I can supply you some for a reasonable budget”.

Maybe, I get rich out of nothing, and so it was a treasure that I found in the basement.


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