Floor Sign Stands

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Floor Sign Stands – Floor Displays For Signs Available in Various Styles

Floor sign stands are inexpensive display tools to advertise your prints or posters.

Place floor signs in a well trafficked area in the mall, and they become directional signs. Once potential customers are interested with the information on print, floor signs already tell customers where to go for the physical shop. It is similar to having multiple presences when strategically placed in malls.

Restaurants or coffee shops can insert their menu and present them to hungry diners even outside of the establishment. The snap frames of the floor signs allow you to replace the prints as often as you need – whether presenting a lunch promotion or a dinner special.

There are more practical uses of floor signs. Its budget-friendly price and durability make it a good investment for your marketing efforts.

Floor signs are made of aluminum stand with heavy base for stability. Industry-standard profiles are available. Floor signs frames are made of durable backing and a clear acrylic cover. Borders can be anodized aluminum, powder-coated in color or can be customized to wood finish.

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