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For trade shows where you compete for the crowd’s attention among hundreds of exhibitors, having an outstanding exhibition display is a must.

Our exhibition displays are designed and manufactured with three top factors in mind: portability, durability and quality appeal. Exhibition displays present the brand with professionalism and give an impression of authority.

Aside from our exhibition displays features, the costs are friendly too. Individual purchases will definitely not hurt your wallet. And we understand that for bulk purchases, small savings can significantly impact huge savings.

Displays Market offers exhibition display counters, promo stands, suggestion/donation & ballot boxes. Other items can supplement your exhibition displays like floor sign stands. Just browse our online catalogue to see which exhibition displays are suitable to your exhibit requirements.

If you require any customization, please contact our hotline 1-855-492-2000 or email info@displaysmarket.com so we can answer your queries.

Different Exhibition Displays For Your Trade Show Requirements

One thing we aim to provide your business is ensuring a wide selection of marketing fixtures for your displays needs. Our line of exhibition displays provides you a variety of fixtures that will highlight your brand.

The quality of the exhibition displays helps your brand stand out among competition. The cost remains practical as we utilize budget-friendly materials to build our exhibition displays. If you don’t find what you need on our online catalog, feel free to contact us via our hotline or email.


The panset counter exhibition display is packaged with multiple panels that can be built to create a mobile counter for your exhibition display requirements. It is lightweight making it easy to travel with.

This exhibition display is best for product stations or for demo presentations. The print is displayed on the front facing panel. The convex angle provides a classic appeal to the crowd compared to boring, flat counter displays.

All you have to do is assemble the panels following the step-by-step instruction sheet that is included in the package. The shelves of the panset counter exhibition display are fixed first before securing the exhibition display with the panel for counter top.

A carry bag can be purchased separately as an option where you can place the panset counter exhibition display for travelling; currently, only available in black.


This promotion exhibition display stand goes perfect when installed in a trade show, exhibits, fairs, or even in-store.

If you want to highlight your logo, your business name or products you offer, this exhibition display has a header where you can add your prints to let the crowd know who you are and what you are offering.

The exhibition display stand is big enough for demo presentations or entertain potential customers queries while still looking professional even if mobile.

Storage is no hassle too. Simply disassemble the panels and store in the included carry bag.


Exhibition display boxes can be used for polls, surveys or voting. Logos and other branding can be decorated on the plastic/acrylic material for a more personalized interaction during trade shows or exhibits or in-store marketing activities.

Display boxes can come in clear acrylyic so that the interior is see-through or opaque for concealing the inside.

Order Your Exhibition Display Today

If you do not find exhibition display or other marketing tools you need for your stores or trade shows, please let us know. Displays Market manufactures thousands of marketing display items which are constantly uploaded on our online stores.

We also accept custom made exhibition displays depending on your marketing requirement. Please contact one of our representatives by dialing 1-855-492-2000 or emailing info@displaysmarket.com.

Check out our online shop for discounted prices. Or, read an item’s specifications when it comes to sizes, materials, features and other options available for customizations.

By registering online, ordering becomes quicker and easier. This is most especially true when your business constantly requires display fixtures. All you need to do after your registration (which takes a few minutes) is to log in and start clicking on the items that you intend to purchase.

To further define your search, specifications are listed with checkboxes or drop down menus so that you find what you need easier. All these are presented to make sure your shopping experience at Displays Market is quick and convenient.

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