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Poster Showboards

Poster Showboards 22w x 28h Poster Size Single Lock, Weatherproof
Poster Showboards 24w x 36h Poster Size Double Lock, Weatherproof
Poster Showboards 36w x 48h Poster Size Double Lock, Weatherproof
Universal Poster Showboard 18w x 24h Poster Size Single Lock, Weatherproof
Universal Poster Showboard 22w x 28h Poster Size Single Lock, Weatherproof
Universal Poster Showboard 24w x 36h Poster Size Single Lock, Weatherproof
Universal Poster Showboard 36w x 48h Poster Size Single Lock, Weatherproof

Poster ShowBoard

Ideal for displaying individuel posters and single sheet menus
Suitable for outdoor use.
The cover can be opened to 90 degrees.
Each product includes 1 key set of single variation.
Each unit is supplied with a free set of clear plastic
pegs to hold the poster.

Poster Showboard


With the user-friendliness of a snap frame and the security of a weatherproof frame, these poster showboards are perfect when your target traffic is both indoors and outdoors.

Poster showboards look elegant with their smooth silver aluminum finish. Its sturdy built makes it perfect for permanent wall mounting. Poster showboards are designed to be displayed where traffic can be heavy.

The frames are manufactured with aluminum. Poster showboards are distinct with their covers that are attached on one side with metal hinges.

Take a closer look at the back of our poster showboards reveal multiple backboards to support your posters. A white matboard is also attached mainly for its aesthetic benefits.

Poster showboards have a front-face polycarbonate covers. These covers open and stopped at 90-degree angle with a retaining arm. Handles are attached on the sides of the cover for convenience.

Plastic clips can be found inside poster showboards. These hold your posters in place making sure that they do not go out of place.

Poster showboards are not only literally for posters. It can be used for restaurant menus, directional prints, announcements, artworks and other printed materials both for commercial and non-commercial use.

Available Features of Poster Showboards

The better benefit of a poster showboard is that it can be used outdoors.

The poster showboard cover provides protection from rain, dust. It’s ideal to display in well-trafficked locations as the clear cover also protects the posters from the general wear and tear of crowd displays.

The covers open at a 90-degree angle. Poster showboards come with single locks and a set of duplicated keys. This minimizes any attempts of tamper or theft of the print ads. The posters are also protected from vandalism which is common instances for publicly displayed ads.

Poster showboards are packaged with mounting screws and pegs. Instruction sheet is also included for an easy step-by-step information on how to install poster showboards properly.

Clear clips are also included. When placing the prints inside the poster showboards, the clips provided additional security so that your ads are kept in place. They work with various profile thickness to accommodate any poster sizes.

The poster showboard advantage compared to other aluminum display frames is its weatherproof feature. There are models that have rubber linings within the frame that encloses the poster showboard so water cannot enter. The cover works well to protect the internal structure from dust.

The poster showboard works with any profile size of prints, even thick board types. There is adequate profile width and depth. For detailed specifications, please check on our online catalogue where all poster showboards are categorized neatly for easy browsing.

Print displays look sophisticated too with the poster showboard bevelled edges.The depth gives focus to the print instead of just appearing flat as a border.

How To Use Poster Showboards

Displays Market takes pride in providing prompt service when it comes to your queries and orders. We make sure that your orders are processed as quickly as possible.

Once the poster showboard is shipped to your address, you’ll find that the package will include the plastic clips for securing the prints, 4 pairs of screws and pegs for mounting, a set of single-lock keys, and the poster showboard with multiple backings.

Before installation, make sure that the protective film on the front-face cover of the poster showboard is removed.

Once mounted on the wall, open the front face cover and place your prints within the viewable area. Use the plastic clips to secure its position. The poster showboard works with a lock so that you can secure the cover making it difficult to tamper your prints.

Poster showboards are durable and can last many years. Definitely a good investment for businesses who are serious about print ads marketing.

Ordering Poster Showboards Is Easy

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