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Snap Frames

Snap Frames

The picture frames are value priced displays for wall mounting large photos.

Profile Sizes

Corner Types

Frame Colors

Ideal for posters of every size
Natural silver-anodized and black
colours are available.
Mitred, round and safe round corner
Each frame includes wall mounting
accessories; 4 screws & 4 pegs
Each frame is packed individually in
a cardboard box
"Optional hangers" help easy mounting

Snap Frames

The picture frames are value priced displays for wall mounting large photos.

Snap frames are easy to use, and make it easy to change artwork and poster. The frames which are also know as poster signs can be used as poster frames in theatres, or to change menus and daily specials at restaurants. These aluminum displays are available in several sizes. Poster holders are designed to be wall mounted and include mounting holes at the back of each frame. Each frame includes wall mounting fixtures. Poster frames can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation.


How your business presents your print ads is also as important as managing its design and content. A poor placement of ads undermines great graphics and texts.

This is where we come to the rescue by providing high quality and affordable snap frames for your marketing requirements.

Our regular clients are business owners, non-government organizations, hospitality companies and other commercial establishments. Aside from a snap frame’s commercial use, orders for personal display functions are also plenty.

Snap frames are great for posters or any signages that are ideally placed in well-trafficked areas. Cinemas, theaters, restaurants, bars, museums, hotels and retail shops benefit most on snap frames investment. If you are active when it comes to print marketing, a snap frame is a great tool to highlight your print displays.

Snap frames come in a variety of functions depending on how you want to present your displays. To list a few: double-sided snap frame, lockable snap frame, outdoor snap frame, colored snap frame, lighted snap frame, etc.

Each snap frame variety adapts to where it will be positioned, what it will display and its target audience. When you need to place it outdoors, lockable snap frames or weatherproof snap frames may be the best choice. If your target audience is young, colored snap frames may appeal and match the color tone of your prints.

You can contact our hotline 1-855-492-2000 to inquire about the most ideal snap frame for your requirement.

Why Snap Frames Will Not Get Old

Despite of the recent dependency on online marketing, traditional approaches will not go away. There is an appeal to hard prints that is always effective, long-term and brand beneficial.

Having said that, a snap frame is a practical solution for your marketing displays requirements. Its affordability, durability and ease of use make it the most popular among our display products.

Snap frames are also highly adjustable when it comes to where you want to position it. They can be placed on landscape or portrait mode depending on your print layout. No problem if you want them either indoors or outdoors. They are lightweight, portable and options for security are also available.

A snap frame can also vary in profile sizes. Typically, a snap frame fits standard poster sizes. Displays Market can work with its clients with custom sizes. Even the thickness of the bezel and border vary.

Its backing is made from durable PS materials, while the frames are aluminum. Truly the perfect holder for your graphic displays.

Aside from displaying your prints with a charming appeal, you can also depend on it when it comes to protecting your signage. Both the snap frame and print can last many years.

What makes it unique is how quickly you can replace the poster. You don’t need a professional to change your prints for you, another cost-effective benefit for your marketing campaigns.

Each package of snap frame includes pegs, screws and instruction sheet.

If you’re still not convinced, we’re providing a step-by-step guide on how user-friendly these snap frames are.

Step-By-Step Guide Of Installing Your Snap Frame

Once you ordered your snap frame, shipping can either be within the same day or the following day depending on the time you placed the order.

You will receive a package that includes the snap frame, a clear cover, pegs, screws and printed instructions.

Wall mounting is easy. Drill holes considering measurements of the snap frame holes placed on its backside. Pegs and screws will help secure the snap frame at your preferred placement.

Once mounted, you can snap open the borders. Its snap mechanism allows for easy opening without needing much pressure.

Take out the clear cover, place your print ensuring that it is positioned in the center. Place the clear cover on top of your print.

Snap close the borders. This will hold the print in place.

Hassle-free print replacements each time. You can imagine when doing multiple changes, you will appreciate how practical snap frames are.

Order Your Snap Frames Today

Ordering your snap frame is also easy!

Head straight to our online catalogue and see categories of snap frames depending on where and how you are going to display it.

Specifications per item are provided, and discount value if the item is included in the specials of the week.

Register for a free account for smooth online transactions. All information provided is secured according to our website’s privacy policy. You don’t have to worry about the security of your data.

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