8 Ways to not Gain Weight

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Have you ever heard “emotional eating under stress”? Probably our parents, especially our grandparents, hadn’t experienced emotional eating. But in our era, stress is a part of daily life. It’s always there when we try to make a work deadline, when we become taxi drivers for our kids trying to catch their schedules in traffic jams with having our own tight schedules.. We all end up eating a tub of ice cream, hamburger and fries, whatever is rich in fat and sugar. It’s not your fault! This is stress that makes all of us  cave to food adding up weight.

Get some sleep!

Worry is a major cause of insomnia and survey shows that more than 40% of us lie awake at night as a result of stress. First of all, stop drinking coffee or other caffeinated soft drinks that make you stay awake. Therefore you’ll sleep more, consume less calorie drinks and here you are ticking the first item on your “lose weight” list. Starting from today, say no to the floor display stands promoting caffeinated drinks and sleep tight!

No more fast food!

Did you know that the size of hamburgers are 23% bigger than they were back in 1977. Make up your mind today, and have some salad or low calorie pasta instead.Starting  with salad will diminish your appetite and you’ll eat less food, gain less calories.

Do not hold the fork in your hands all the time!

It sounds funny but it does really work. Take a “break” in between your bites. If you do not hold the fork, it will make you slow down and you’ll not eat non-stop and will consume less. Just leave it on the table next to the plate where it belongs.

Say no to the menu display stands!

It’s all their fault not yours! They always promote “comfort foods” with high calories. You have nothing to do but order them. Not anymore! Just say the waitress to take the display off the table before making you sit at a table. That’s it. The dessert or the daily special won’t be right before your eyes.

Get stuck to a daily meal plan!

Do not leave out the breakfast, have the 3 main meals during the day and plan your snack times.  Of course do consume healthy snacks which will stop you from craving. Be aware that a light dinner is the key to losing weight.

Brush your teeth after each meal!

It’s good for your dental health though. Furthermore, the freshness makes you feel psychologically better and suppresses appetites.

The secret ingredient! Water!

I won’t list here the benefits of consuming water. This is just a reminder! The ultimate good is to consume more water.

Do exercise!

Staying on a sofa with a remote ends up with overeating and makes you inactive, which in turn keeps those extra calories.

It’s your choice. You can fight with daily stress and get your extra calories burned off or you can become a couch potato and say yes to stand signs inviting for more calories.


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