Baby Shower Ideas


A baby shower is a way to celebrate the birth of a child in advance by presenting gifts to the mother at a party. Believe me it is very nice and appropriate because after the birth mother will be too busy with the baby and she would not enjoy any kind of celebration!

My best friend gave birth last week. On her 8th month, she asked me if I would throw a baby shower party for her. Of course I would. It is only that I had no idea how an ideal baby shower would be like. I am writing this post to give an idea to people like myself then.

I immediately jumped online to research baby shower ideas. There were too many questions to be answered first:

Who to invite? What kind of invitations? Buy the invitations or make my own? What food do I serve? How to entertain the guests with games? Should this be a themed shower? If so, what theme? What kinds of decorations do I need? What perfect gift should I give to the Mom-To-Be? And so on.

One of the blogs I had read, it said if we knew pop up banners for trade shows. If you did not understand what could be done with those banners at a baby shower party just be patient! I’ll spill the beans later. But you are completely right. I asked myself the same question too. I won’t put the cart before the horse. First things first!

To start with decide who to invite with the mom-to-be. She would not be pleased to see some unwanted friends on a very special day. You can prefer online invitations, since they would be faster and costless. Just decide on the theme and the color depending on whether it is a boy or a girl.

And later you can use one of the invitation designing web sites online.  My friend would have a boy so I designed everything in blue and with a baby boy flying in a hot air balloon. Everything, napkins, decorations, cups, paper plates had that picture on!

SMART ROLL BANNERI still keep you guessing what could be done with retractable banners at a baby shower party. Just be patient. For the food I got help from a catering company.

They also helped with serving so everything was easy and practical. Oh one more idea. There are patchwork blankets. If you get one of these the guests can decorate each piece with fabric pens of different colors. In the end the baby has an haute couture blanket!

Now about the rollup bannerI printed the same baby boy picture with the date. Mom and the guest could have their photo taken in front of that rollup stand. We had it printed right away, post the photo in a guest book where the visitors would write their best wishes in. In the end it was an unforgettable memory.

We also played some best mom games like changing a diaper contest, or quiz about how to raise a kid.

Happy Baby Shower!

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