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Print ad campaigns can be simple or complex depending on your marketing needs. Door wall signs can always supplement any business by presenting any prints whether it’s for consumer presentation, office use or directional function.

Door wall signs are practical to install in any indoor setting. With prints for information, directions, instructions or just plain graphics, door wall signs will present these neatly on any door or wall surface.

Each door wall sign has an anti-reflex feature that holds the prints in place. The placement of the print in between its back board and front cover ensures protection from your average wear and tear. This means prints can last longer which ultimately results to huge savings out of your display budget.

Door wall signs are made from anodized aluminum. They are lightweight. You can mount door wall signs with double sided tapes without worry the adhesive will be weight down by the frame.

The borders too have different options. Door wall signs come with silver frames that snap opens for easy print placement. The frames can either be arced or flat depending on your preference. Either frame option will secure your prints. Door wall signs are designed with crowd traffic in mind. While featuring your prints in well-trafficked areas, it also protects your prints from being tampered or damaged.

Door wall signs can be ordered in different profile sizes. If you don’t find a matching size for your prints on our online catalogue, please feel free to contact our hotline where one of our friendly staff will assist you with what you need.

Door Wall Signs Are Durable and Practical

A door wall sign is a practical display with hundreds of uses.

• Informational – it can serve as name plates on office doors or settings that are open for public such as banks, hospitals, museums, theatres or schools. A simple print out is all you need while the door wall sign can present it professionally.

• Directional – instead of putting up large signs that consumes space and can be expensive, a door wall sign will accommodate any directional signages to manage crowd traffic or simply to inform. The door wall sign is lightweight and easy to mount so you can install it where it looks prominent.

• Commercial – a door wall sign is also a practical marketing display in clothing shops or retail stores. This is most useful in cases when prints are periodically replaced. The top and bottom profile easily snap opens and then secures the print and the front face cover in place.

• Personal – Home signages are also getting more common especially if the prints supplement the interior design. The door wall sign color and structure look neutral and go well with any tones.

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