Exhibition show displays that you need to have in 2017

Recently, I shared 5 tips on how to transform your exhibit interactions into on-site sales.  In this post, I want to talk about exhibition show displays that you need to have in 2017.

The world of exhibitions is competitive and ever-evolving.  You’re competing for the attention of potential customers in a hot bed of marketing overdrive.  So, how do you draw the eyes of potential customers in 2017, so you can get down to business?

Key trends.

Key trends emerging this year on the exhibition front include curves.

Curved shapes for exhibition components include counters which resemble reception desks, providing a focal point for interaction with exhibition-goers.

Strategic lighting that speaks of permanence is a pleasant and eye-catching surprise for those who visit your display.  Well-deployed lighting pulls the eyes of those passing and compels them to take a closer look.  With the addition of exhibition charm, lighting is a compelling feature of any display on an exhibition floor.

At Displaysmarket.com, we bring the art of outreach to your exhibition presence.  We believe that our innovative products give our customers the edge they need to attract all the right attention.  Following are some of the exhibition show displays that you need to have in 2017.

Exhibition displays that draw a crowd.

Displaysmarket.com’s exhibition displays are designed and manufactured with three important factors in mind: portability, durability and quality.  They’re easy to get there.  They take a beating and stay looking great, because they’re of the very highest quality.

Our exhibition displays present your brand professionally and make a lasting impression.  They’re designed to turn heads and bring potential customers to you, because you look like you mean business with an Displaysmarket.com display.

But Displaysmarket.com exhibition displays are affordable, too.  We create winning displays with your bottom line in mind, bringing you traffic-stopping exhibition displays that put you front, center and ahead of the competition.

This battery-operated signage solution is just the ticket for your exhibition show display.  In poster and copy sizes, you’re able to update your message to suit exhibition needs, featuring products and promotions in a convenient, attractive format that lights up the exhibition floor.
Affordable, environmentally-friendly LED lights create a display that’s difficult to walk by without noticing.  Whatever the message, the Illuminated WindPro® send its with style that gets noticed.

Meeting your needs.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our page, talk to us.  Our product line is continually evolving to meet your exhibition display needs.  We customize our display products to your vision, ensuring that it comes to life on the exhibition floor.

Displaysmarket.com has been creating high-quality exhibition displays since 1993.  Our quality is known all over the world, with the European market placing us in the vanguard of exhibition supports.  At Displaysmarket.com, we have the exhibition show displays that you need to have in 2017.  Contact us.

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