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Literature Racks


Some businesses find that brochures, infographics and other information prints supplement their print ad campaigns. One of the most effective ways to distribute these prints is to place them in literature racks.

Once placed in strategic points – waiting areas or well-trafficked halls – literature racks instantly display your brand’s message across to consumers who need your products or services.

Manufactured using heavy steel base, literature racks are perfect channels to get your brand’s information to potential customers. The advantage of literature racks is that it can house several types of prints. Its numbers of pockets and shelves can be customized according to your literature racks requirements.

Literature racks can also come with headers. Signages can be printed on the front side or hardcopies can be inserted in between the clear acrylic plates that make up the header.

When shipped, literature racks are not assembled. Fixing sets and instruction sheets are included in the package. This helps decrease the volume for convenience and also to decrease shipping fees.

Displays Market Offers Different Types of Literature Racks

Depending on your literature racks requirements, there are different lines available each with different specifications.

Decorative Brochure Stands

This literature rack features an anodized aluminum or powder coated stand that holds the shelves perfectly in place. The shelves are manufactured with polycarbonate material which is difficult to scratch. The decorative literature rack can feature either landscape or portrait layout.

Industry-standard paper sizes are available.

Rapid Brochure Set

This literature rack showcases multiple tiers to better present your brochures and other printed information. The most ordered literature rack is the 2-tier variety. 3 tiers literature rack is also available for order.

The materials used are similar to decorative literature racks so you are assured of high quality.

There are also options for a header on this literature rack. You can opt to print your logos or brand signages directly on the header’s acrylics.

Brochure Set Literature Racks

If your business requires marketing various brochures (travel agencies, service centers, banks, etc), the literature rack for brochure sets is a perfect indoor solution.

The literature rack can accommodate 8 sets of shelves with heavy-duty support so you don’t have to worry about shelves falling off. The shelves are clear acrylic and customizable.

Literature rack for brochure sets are shipped with the shelves dismounted so that packages look compact. Information sheets and hardware are included for easy assembling.

Prime Wall Units

This literature rack is truly the space saver. When mounted on walls, it provides instant access to any print materials that you intend your customers to use – brochures, magazines, infographics, etc.

Low depth literature rack is ideal for hallways as it minimize the risk of passers-by snagging on its edges or corners. Its shelves are manufactured with clear polycarbonate while edges are thermoformed polystyrene.

At the backside of the wall literature racks, pre-drilled holes are quite the convenience. This literature rack comes with its own hardware kit including screws and anchors for semi-permanent wall mounting.

Zigzag Literature Racks

This zigzag literature rack is a welcome fixture in waiting areas or well-trafficked halls.

Single pole zigzag literature rack can come with headers or without. The pole stand is aluminum that stands on a stable base.

Easy storage is one of the advantage of a zigzag literature rack. The segments fold into a portable carry. Bags are available in separate purchase.

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