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Never Really Close Your Store

Do I mean that in a literal sense?  Well, kind of.  You can’t be on deck 24/7.  But your signage can be.

When the shutters come down, there’s no need for your store to go dark.  It can continue reaching your market, after hours.  Afterhours outreach keeps your brand active long after you lock the front door.

A retailer’s tale.

Recently, a retailer took to the media to describe what happened when he decided to keep some of his retail outlet’s lights on, after hours.  He’d realized that he was surrounded by businesses who were open long after his store was closed.

And then, the lights came on!

The day after his first experiment with leaving the lights on at night, a whole new batch of customers came in, lamenting the fact they’d never noticed his outlet before the previous night.  As it happened, these new customers were patrons of surrounding businesses who were open after his store had closed for the day.

With the flip of a switch, this retailer changed the fortunes of his business.

Just add signage.

Now think about the impact of illuminated signage, in the scenario described above.  Illuminated signage, used strategically, can turns the heads of people patronizing businesses around yours, after hours.  Without even being there, you’re building your customer base.

People visiting nearby restaurants, or other businesses around yours, are much more likely to be aware you’re there, when you use illuminated signage.  I’m not just talking about the sign over the door.  I’m talking about using your windows to attract consumer attention.

Even if your location isn’t surrounded by businesses open at night, people are going to drive or walk by.  If there’s a bus or metro stop outside, you’re looking at hundreds or even thousands of potential customer views each night.

LEDs reduce environmental impact.

You may be reading this thinking, “But what about the environment?”  Illuminated signage using LED lights is the answer to that concern.  You can also set your signage to turn off in the early hours of the morning, when your potential customers have gone home for the night.

LED lighting is also a cost-effective solution for marketing your store by night.  So, while you’re raising consumer awareness, you’re also being environmentally friendly and budget-smart.

Illuminated WindPro® with LED SKU

This battery-operated night signage solution is just the ticket.  In poster and copy sizes, you’re able to change the message as often as you wish, featuring products and promotions in a convenient, attractive format that lights up the night.

Your doors may be closed, but your store remains open, sending your brand message with affordable, environmentally friendly LED light that gets your store noticed.

You never really close your store!

We really wish the retailer in the tale above had known about the Illuminated WindPro®.  It sheds light on your brand, while keeping an eye on the bottom line and the environment. has been manufacturing quality signage since 1993.  Contact us about our world class products.

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