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What Are Frame Boards?

A-frame pavement (sidewalk) signs, also known as sandwich boards, are commonly used on main streets and high-traffic areas because of their double sided ease of use and offer an eye-catching display to attract people’s attention in high-traffic areas. They are given the name as they form an “A” triangular shape when set up. Some designs are available with additional header panels to ensure maximum visibility in the high street. A-boards are essentially two advertising boards that are joined at the top which spread out and are held that way by a strut that spans between the two boards. In profile view it looks like the letter “A”. A Boards are often used for promotional purposes.

Types of Frame Boards

While some Sandwich Boards are suitable for outdoor use, you can only use some indoors. The two main factors to consider are, of course, wind and rain. How weatherproof does your Sandwich Board need to be? You can see different models of sandwich boards made of different materials on our page. These differences are directly related to the place of use of the product. They are classified as suitable for indoor and outdoor use according to their weight and materials used.

How to Use Frame Boards?

If you are going to use your A board in a sheltered place, you can choose a light and inexpensive A board. However, if you want to buy the product for outdoor use, we recommend a heavier product that is resistant to wind and rain. The compact and fold-flat design of A-boards, allows them to be stored and moved easily.

What Are Frame Boards Used For?

It is used for promotional advertising of a retail store or a local business with a shop window. Its purpose is to attract the attention of potential customers passing by with the offers offered by the store, to inform them or to direct them somewhere.

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